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Attracting Students To Your Pub

All pub landlords can be certain of one thing – if they can attract students into their pub on a regular basis, it’ll almost definitely give their profits a boost. Typically, most students are pretty interested in getting out and having a few drinks with their friends – usually a few times each week – so this is an audience pub landlords would be silly not to capitalise on.

Attracting Students To Your Pub
Attracting Students To Your Pub

For starters, offering a regular promotional night will surely pull in the punters. Perhaps you could set up two-for-one cocktails on Thursday nights, or – if you serve food – set up a regular curry night each Friday. The latter will always be a hit, especially with the boys who loving living it up at the weekends. You might consider hosting a ladies’ night too; but this might take a little more work.

Another great way to attract in students is holding a pub quiz; perhaps each Sunday night, when they’re not keen on getting totally drunk before Monday’s lectures, but are looking for something to do with their evening. Gather round the bar stools, charge £1 to enter a team and give them a little discount on drinks if they participate. Plus, if you make a kitty with all the entrance fees to offer as a prize, or offer up a bottle of wine, you might well find yourself onto a regular winner.

You might decide to throw a fancy dress party alternatively, or a party celebrating some big event – like the Eurovision Song Contest! Students love anything silly and typically, the chance to dress up, so this could be a really moneymaker for you!

Whatever you decide to do, if there are cheapish drinks and a few nibbles on offer, you’re sure to draw in the youthful crowds – what are you waiting for?

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