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Best Home Improvement Tips for College Students

As a college student, you may go about your day without much thought about your housing.

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Best Home Improvement Tips for College Students

Classes and library visits eat up a huge portion of your day, anyway, right? Well, not quite. Your house, be it a dorm room or private housing, is where you spend most of the time.

This is the place you sleep in. This is where you do your assignments and spend your free time if any.

Assess Your Housing

For all these reasons, it is necessary to make your college housing the best housing yet. Start by going around and noticing any things about the accommodation you particularly like or dislike.

Assess your needs and how well the place you will be calling your home for the next 3+ years takes care of those needs. The best-case scenario: you love the place. The worst-case scenario: you hate it.

Luckily, with a few tweaks and our proven tips and tricks for home improvement for college students, you too can have your dream dorm room or an entire flat.

Being observant is the first step to making better use of the space you have. After this, it takes a few bucks and some free time, but you will be able to reward yourself with a place worthy of your time spent there.

Look for Inspiration Online

Before even trying to make any changes to your room, look for some inspiration online. See what kind of furniture and home decor you like. Maybe you find some of these home styles very attractive:

  • Traditional,
  • Contemporary,
  • Cottage-style,
  • Cabin,
  • Mediterranean,
  • Asian,
  • Scandinavian, etc.

There are many more styles you could go for. Personally, we prefer the Asian style. A mix of minimalism and practicality, it is sure to suit both your pocket and your needs, as you will need a lot of space for work and a bit for rest and leisure time.

Sure, this may take considerable time, an entire weekend, or even longer, but free up some time and reap the benefits for years to come.

You can always buy essays online reviews and let professionals take care of your study notes, for example. Use the time you’ve freed up to go through your home improvement step by step.

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Home Improvement Tips for College Students

Your home improvement starts with you observing the issues that you would like to solve in your housing and then choosing where you want to take your space.

That is the housing style you prefer. Once you are there, there are only a few steps left on your road to the perfect private space. Here are our tips for college home improvement:

Declutter Your Space

First things first: go through all your belongings and see which of these you are comfortable getting rid of.

Cluttered space is a sign of a cluttered mind, so free up some space by tossing all the items collecting the dust on your shelves. As a college student, you’ll want to get rid of:

  • Any study notes – again, give them to younger students. Some of them will be super grateful,
  • Old clothes – we tend to stick to clothes that we never wear, even for years after they’ve become unfashionable. Keep essentials plus a few favorites, toss out any clothes you may be keeping for sentimental value,
  • Any old accessories – any items purchased in a rush, while impulse buying or otherwise items you do not really use – nobody really needs dozens of pens and highlighters – a few will do,
  • Any holiday decorations that are past their prime. You do not really need to have a full set of Halloween-themed accessories lying around. Toss them, and while at it,
  • See what else you can throw away. Any items that you haven’t used in the past six months or so are generally good to go.

Rearrange the Furniture You Already Have

Once your apartment or room has been cleared of clutter, work with what is leftover. Rearrange the furniture so you get more sunlight, more light in general, and in such a way that your privacy is preserved.

Your furniture should be good enough for you, so make sure to reposition it to give a new atmosphere to your room and to make it work and feel better.

Do Furniture Swap

If you are in need of a new piece of furniture, ask around first. Many people may have a piece of furniture they do not really need, and they may also need a new piece of furniture.

Think about the things you could see go from your room and try to swap them with your college friends.

Upgrade Your Lights

Lights are a big deal in any room, especially in a room where you spend so much time. Go for cozy, warm colors and purchase LED lights that you can dim or change their hue. The boring overhead light does not do it anymore.

Play With Accessories

Play with accessories and see what works for you. Accessories should be similarly styled so that the entire room has a unified feel to it.

Play With Accessories

Choose small accessories or those that serve a double purpose: a book holder, for example, can be very eye-catching, and so can lamps, curtains, and small ornaments.

Many smart home devices can both look stylish and recharge your phone. Play with colors and textures and see what suits your eye.

Final Considerations

Making the best out of college housing can be a strenuous task. Make sure that you make no mistake and that you do not end up with more clutter than you’ve started with.

Being able to live and feel comfortable in a space that is only yours for the next three years is of paramount importance, so use our tips and tricks for the best home improvement your college has ever seen.

Michael Carr

Michael Carr loves spending his free time reading. He is a bilingual who happened to grow up in a cluttered home: souvenirs and books were all around the place. This is why he now loves streamlined spaces and enjoys an occasional accent accessory.