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5 Tips to Make Your College Dorm Room More Comfortable

The opportunity to finally live separately and feel the taste of adult life will excite you, but it will also scare you in many senses.

The comfort of your room, loving parents, and the place where you spent your childhood will be a thousand miles away from you. Besides, you’ll have to solve your problems on your own like an adult, which can be overwhelming for a fresher.

image - 5 Tips to Make Your College Dorm Room More Comfortable
5 Tips to Make Your College Dorm Room More Comfortable

Since you can’t control a number of tasks, professor’s decisions, or assignment difficulty, at least you can control your surroundings.

You can turn your dorm room into the coziest space ever so that it will become your shelter and a wonderful place for relaxation after a hard day.

Besides, an environment plays an important role in studying, and that’s why you should work on decorations and comfort improvement.

Here are five dorm room ideas to help you create a cozy nest.

How to Make Your College Room Feel Like Home?

It’s unlikely that you’ll fall in love with your new room right after moving in due to the design and necessity to share it with someone else. However, you can make your college bedroom feel like home.

These ideas will help you enjoy your academic years, improve study results, and write papers like a professional essay writer:

1. Turn Your Bed Into Heaven’s Cloud

image - Turn Your Bed Into Heaven's Cloud

Of course, sleep quality always matters, but the necessity to sleep well is a priority while studying in college. The dorm mattress can be old and uncomfortable, which can cause many problems, including neck and back pain.

So, it’s better to find good discounts to buy a new mattress and never worry about your sleep quality again. Besides, you might like the idea of purchasing new pillows and a soft blanket. You can even take your favorite toy from home to guard your sleep.

Buy a few throw pillows to make your bed super soft and comfortable. Every time you decide to have a rest, you’ll feel like you’re flying on a cloud. Mix colors, textures, and styles to have fun or add a few touches.

2. Decorate Your Walls

One of the best ways to make your college dorm room more comfortable is to surround yourself with everything and everyone you love.

Decorate your walls with posters, pictures, inspirational phrases, family photos, and images capturing your best friends and pets.

The dorm walls won’t scare you anymore with their dull colors, and the atmosphere in your room will become homier. You can also decorate your walls with string lights for a cozy glow.

3. Use Space Wisely

Your dorm room may be smaller than your bedroom at home. Besides, you’ll have to share it with another student, so you won’t have much space to store things and clothes.

You won’t leave your jacket and jeans on a bed or armchair as you did at home. Moreover, you’ll have to forget about placing your educational stuff everywhere because your roommate won’t accept the idea of turning your college room into a dump.

That’s why you’ll have to organize your things and free some space in your bedroom.

You can buy a few baskets or containers and store some personal stuff there. Keep them under your table or bed to avoid occupying much space in your room.

You can also put stickers with the name of the things you’re planning to store in these baskets to quickly find the necessary stuff.

Buy a freestanding shelf to keep books, educational materials, and other things. It won’t occupy much space, so it’s also a nice way to organize your stuff.

You can buy an open or closed shelf depending on your needs and budget. Besides, the variety of colors allows you to decorate your college room according to your preferences.

4. Choose Dorm Room Decorations

Your room is the reflection of your personality, and small details show your individuality best of all.

Decorations may include both college dorm room essentials and different cute elements. What you’ll need in your room is a mirror, table lamp, garbage can, and a cozy chair.

image - Choose Dorm Room Decorations

To make your college bedroom speak for you and demonstrate your personality, you can add soft touches of personalization.

A plant, a rug, a vase, and other details will make your dorm room more comfortable. You’ll enjoy coming back after classes and have a rest because that will be your cozy shelter.

Besides, the quality of the surrounding environment is crucial for studying, so decorating your room with things you like is one of the best ways to improve your scores.

These details will add harmony to the atmosphere, which in turn will help you boost concentration and discipline.

5. Create a Comfortable Workspace

Studying is your major activity at college, so it’s necessary to create a workspace that will help you reach excellent results.

First, you should remember that it’s not the right place for a video game console or smartphone, so these things don’t have to occupy space on your desk.

Second, you should buy a few containers to keep everything you need for studying. These things may include pens, pencils, stickers, books, notebooks, etc.

You can also add a few decorations like photos, plants, or pictures with encouraging phrases.

If you can’t place your desk in front of the window to get natural light, consider buying a good table lamp.

Lighting is important because you’ll have a lot of paperwork in a college. Besides, you’ll have to read books to research the topic, so a table lamp will be an excellent investment.


Academic years are exciting yet challenging, but you can avoid many stressful moments by making your college bedroom more comfortable.

A cozy atmosphere will make you feel as if you’re at home, and it will be easier to relax after classes and exams. A comfortable, well-organized room will help you get through academic years with excellent results.

However, it’s unnecessary to change the room right after you move in. You can add new details over time, depending on your preferences and needs.

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