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How to Hide an Ugly Water Heater in Your Basement

Your water heater is progressively getting old, and it is gaining an unsightly appearance that’s not welcoming. So, how do you hide the ugly water heater in your basement?

Since it is still functional and you can’t manage to replace it with ideal water heaters in Missoula, you must be wondering how you could hide the lousy appearance it portrays in your basement. Notably, there are several options you can settle consider.

image - How to Hide an Ugly Water Heater in Your Basement
How to Hide an Ugly Water Heater in Your Basement

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Favorable Hiding Method

There are three critical factors to consider when choosing a water heater hiding method. Here’s a breakdown of the three things to look out for when hiding the heater.

The Beauty of the Basement

You will be much concerned by your water heater’s ugliness if your basement is outstandingly attractive and is a commonly frequented room. You do not want the water heater to be the only visible spoiler around the place.

For that reason, the beauty of the room will determine what method of concealing the heater you will settle for. A simple curtain will do for a not-so-attractive basement room, while an attractive blending cabinet will do for an equally attractive basement.

Cost of the Project

You can have this as the most important factor. However, the cost can vary from cheap (using a curtain) to somewhat expensive (using cabinets). Cost is a short-term consideration, and you should look at it last.

The Durability of the Material You Intend to Use

The more important and popular your basement room is, the more durable the material you use to conceal the heater will be. A flimsy curtain will work well for a basement that is not frequently visited or one that you merely use for storage.

However, a furnished basement will demand that you invest in a more durable water heater cover.

The Hiding Methods

While there are various methods you could use to hide your water heater in the basement, the popular ones fall into two categories. They include the water heater covers and water heater enclosures.

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Water Heater Covers for Your Basement

If you need water heater covers that will demand minimal renovation work, you will have to settle for the ones that fall into these two categories: curtains and screens.


Curtains are the easiest and cheapest method of hiding your water heater. All you have to do is add a sliding curtain as a divider to conceal the water heater.

However, you have to take measurements of the length of the wall and its width to help you determine the ideal measurements of your curtain.

Leave a few inches of space so that the curtain doesn’t touch the water heater. You can then install rails along with the ceiling from where you will hang the curtain.

If you opt for curtains, let it be for the less busy rooms. You can use it for your garage or partially finished or unfinished basement.

Another great thing about curtains is that you can mix or swap patterns when you get bored with your current curtain appearance.


Screens are low to moderately durable options of covers you could use instead of curtains. They are ideal for unfinished basements or garages that you use for storage only. If you have your water heater in one of these, you should consider using screens.

They are decorative, and you can settle for tall standing shutters or traditional divider screens. Their freestanding nature makes it easy for them to move. You can also paint, paper, or leave them in their original appearance based on your personal needs.

Water Heater Enclosures for Your Basement

Water heater full enclosures are the best fit for hiding your water heater in a finished basement, busy laundry room, or kitchen. Under this category, closets and cabinets will work best in concealing your water heater permanently and attractively.


There is no better match for a finished basement than a cabinet. If visitors or family members always frequent your basement, you should consider using a cabinet to enclose the water heater.

Cabinets are highly durable since they are mostly made of metal, which gives them an industrial feel. Wooden cabinets are also available, and you can opt for one if you do not need to go into the depths of searching for a metal one.

If you choose to go to a cabinet, you should know it isn’t the cheapest option available, but it will give you a lasting solution.


If you have an inbuilt closet in your basement, then you have no reasons to worry about how to hide your water heater. The closets are a perfect and popular way of hiding a water heater, and it is even advantageous if you have one that is already built.

The closet door will match any other closet in your room so that guests won’t understand the difference. If you don’t have a pre-existing closet, you can build one around your heater to conceal it.

This works great to hide your water heater without drawing any attention.

Final Words

You now know your choices, and you can pick the options that work best for you based on your budget, the beauty of your room, and the durability of the material to use.

While cost is an important consideration to make, it shouldn’t overshadow the other two factors for long-term benefits. If you’re finding it hard to hide your basement water heater, you can seek professional help from a reputable company.

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