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Basement Waterproofing Cost: How to Estimate Your Total

Do you need to have your home’s basement waterproofed? If so, your basement waterproofing cost is going to depend on a number of factors.

On average, you might have to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to more than $15,000 for basement waterproofing. The total cost is going to be based on everything from the severity of your problem to the company that you hire to help you out.

image - Basement Waterproofing Cost How to Estimate Your Total
Basement Waterproofing Cost How to Estimate Your Total

You should act quickly to stop a small problem from getting worse. This could have an impact on the price you’ll pay for basement waterproofing in the end.

Here are the factors that you’ll need to consider when it comes to the basement waterproofing cost.

How Bad is the Water Problem in Your Basement?

Do you have a very small amount of water in your basement right now? Or do you have so much water that you’ve had to bring in ServPlus to clean up your basement for you?

The amount of water that you have causing issues in your basement is going to play a huge role in how much you’ll have to pay to do basement waterproofing. If you have a lot of it, you might have to take drastic measures, like installing special waterproof basement flooring, to fix the issue at hand.

This is obviously going to send your basement waterproofing cost skyrocketing. It’s also going to force you to take on a much more extensive project than you might want to do.

Who are You Going to Hire to Do Basement Waterproofing?

When you decide that you’re going to do basement waterproofing, there are going to be a number of companies in your area that can help you out. Each of them is going to charge a slightly different price for their services.

You should look to hire a company that’s going to set you up with affordable basement waterproofing services that will fit nicely into your budget. You should also hire one that offers a wealth of basement flooring options for those doing basement waterproofing.

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What Technique Is a Company Going to Use to Do Basement Waterproofing?

There are a handful of techniques that a basement waterproofing company will consider when trying to come up with a solution for your specific problems. Some of their options will include:

  • Installing a dehumidifier
  • Putting in a sump pump
  • Performing an excavation

The technique that they choose to use while doing basement waterproofing will affect your basement waterproofing cost greatly. It’s why you should work together with them to find the right option.

Try to Calculate Your Basement Waterproofing Cost Today

As you can see here, the basement waterproofing cost will often vary greatly. It’s going to depend on the answers to the questions that we just posed.

Attempt to assess your situation prior to contacting a basement waterproofing company. It should help you get a better idea of what basement waterproofing might cost you when everything is all said and done.

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