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Bathroom Remodeling Tips: The Great Shower vs. Bathtub Debate

If you’re planning on redesigning your bathroom, the choice of whether to have a bathtub, or a shower, or both, is one of the biggest decisions you will face.

Studies have shown that the average person showers for around eight minutes, eight times a week. That means spending the equivalent of two and a half full days in the shower each year of your life! So it’s important to get the shower vs. bathtub decision right.

image - Bathroom Remodeling Tips: The Great Shower vs. Bathtub Debate
Bathroom Remodeling Tips: The Great Shower vs. Bathtub Debate

Let’s dive in and look at the pros and cons of each option, to help you choose the perfect bathroom layout to suit your budget, your available space, and your family’s needs.

Pros and Cons of Showers

What’s the value of a shower vs. a bathtub? Showers have many benefits, including being a convenient way to wash. Taking a shower is much quicker than waiting for a bathtub to fill with water.

Showers also use a lot less water – the average five-minute shower uses 10-25 gallons of water, whereas a full bathtub is around 70 gallons. There is some evidence to suggest, however, that modern power showers use just as much energy and hot water as filling a bathtub, so this equation is not straightforward.

Showers are useful for people with mobility issues but can be challenging for washing small children. Some showers can also be difficult to clean, with calcium and limescale build-up posing problems.

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Benefits of Bathtubs

Taking a long, soothing bath after a stressful day is many people’s idea of heaven. It can be difficult to recreate this sense of relaxation in a shower.

Baths are also perfect for washing small children. But we must remember those older people can pose difficulties in getting in and out of the tub. So the bathtub vs. shower debate is not cut and dried.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

There are a few other factors to consider in choosing a shower vs. a bathtub in bathroom remodeling decisions. Space is a critical factor. Walk-in showers take up a lot of room space than tubs, so could be the right choice in a smaller bathroom.

There are also various features available for both baths and showers to consider. Do you want a whirlpool bath with built-in jets? Or a waterfall showerhead? The My Handy Craftsman Inc. website has lots of great tips and ideas for bathroom remodeling if you’re looking for more inspiration.

There are also budgetary implications to consider. And there may also be consequences for your home value. Most realtors would advise retaining at least one bathtub in your home, to avoid excluding young families as potential buyers, should you choose to sell your house in the future.

The Shower vs. Bathtub Debate – You Decide!

The decision of shower vs. bathtub for your dream new bathroom can be a tricky one. You need to consider financial, lifestyle, and design factors to make the right choice.

Hopefully, our handy list of pros and cons will help you to reach a decision. Make sure you check out the rest of the blog for more inspiring home design ideas!

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