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Bedroom Wallpaper Design Ideas

Are you wary of opting for wallpapers to add an additional spark to your home? Wallpapers are considered expensive and labor-intensive.

People often say that they can paint their own house but wouldn’t risk sticking the wallpaper lest they mess it up.

image - Bedroom Wallpaper Design Ideas
Bedroom Wallpaper Design Ideas

However, wallpapers can bring an instant change to your home, especially the bedroom. If you want to try new patterns or textures on the walls and spark up the bedroom, wallpapers are the right choice.

Thanks to the increasing demand, you can easily find wallpapers for different budgets with a wide range of variety to choose from.

Simply contact the Interior Designers in Bangalore, and they’ll help you with the process.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are evergreen, aren’t they? Whether you choose tiny daises or huge roses in bold red, flowers will always make the room look inviting and lively.

If you aim for a classy look, try pale backgrounds with pastel floral prints. But if you want an exotic and vibrant bedroom, choose darker background colors (like dark green) with floral designs in white, red, pink, yellow, and orange hues.

Monochrome Patterns

image - Monochrome Patterns

Bedroom Interior Designers in Bangalore say that monochrome is ruling the world even after all these years of living a Technicolor life.

Elegant patterns in the shades of blue and white, green and white, red and blue, or the classic white and black are sure to add a classy touch to the bedroom.

You can pick the wallpaper to match the bed and the wardrobe.

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image - Murals

Murals are paintings done directly on the wall. But when you can get colorful and trendy mural wallpapers, why not go for them instead? Larger than life designs of nature can be pasted on single-color walls in your bedroom.

Imagine lovely garden mural wallpaper on the wall facing your bed complemented by pale pink or even inky blue walls on the side. Wouldn’t it be beautiful?

Traditional Prints from the Bygone Era

image - Traditional Prints from the Bygone Era

Another trend Home Interior Designers in Bangalore swear by is old-school wallpapers and contrasting them with the latest furniture.

It sounds like a strange combination of the old and new, but it works perfectly to turn your bedroom is a classy suite from a high-end hotel.

In fact, this combination is actually famous in some top-class hotels in other countries. Make sure to choose the wallpaper color that blends in with at least half the furniture.

You want to subtly emphasize the contrast, not make it too apparent and in-your-face.

Bright, Bold, and Colorful

image - Bright, Bold, and Colorful

Think of scarlet, ripe yellow, fresh green, and sparkling orange or aquamarine blue. Let each color have a unique pattern.

Shall we say vertical stripes for blue, circles for scarlet, swirls for yellow, and patches for green? Now throw all these colors together on single wallpaper.

What you get a riot of color that’ll bring out a smile every time. Just remember to limit the wallpaper to one wall or a portion of the wall.

Pick colors that’ll go with the paint on the remaining walls. You don’t want the overall effect to be too overwhelming, right?

Minimalistic Patterns

image - Minimalistic Patterns

If you are not the one for bold patterns, try the minimal ones. Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest minimalistic wallpaper designs for those who prefer understated elegance.

Tiny prints that cover soft brown or warm chocolate wallpaper can give the bedroom a warm and inviting appearance.

Nothing about the wallpaper will stand out. But it puts the entire room in the spotlight by staying in the background.

You can also try marble swirl patterns, neutral shades with textures in the same color, metallic touch-ups, and many other wallpaper designs in your bedroom.