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Porch vs. Patio: What’s the Perfect Home Addition?

Fresh air, sunsets, cool summer nights. Adding a porch or a patio to your home allows you to personalize a new and extremely versatile room for your living space.

An addition of a porch or patio is sure to pay for itself by increasing your home value by as much as you choose to put in it. Most people report a value increase of more than 12%.

image - Porch vs. Patio What's the Perfect Home Addition
Porch vs. Patio What’s the Perfect Home Addition

Developing a plan and sticking to a budget will make sure you build a transformative outdoor space that increases your home’s price and provides you with hours of enjoyment.

Deciding what renovations to make can be daunting. Check out our porch vs. patio pros and cons before choosing which outdoor living space is right for your homes.

Picking a Porch

Do you think a porch might be the best option for you? It might just be.

A porch drastically improves your home’s curb appeal. You can design your porch to match the style and design of your home with Hartley Homes & Consulting.

A new porch would be relatively easy to build and rather low-maintenance. You can build storage space under your porch. A porch will ensure there is always a place to wipe dirty or wet shoes on the way into the house.

Patio-Style Living

If you’re looking for a bit of a different set-up, a patio may be the outdoor solution for you. A patio is going to be a low-cost solution for luxury outdoor living.

When designing your porch, you will have tremendous freedom with space, from the structures to the furniture and the features.

Your patio will be easy to clean. It will be a great private space for you and your family to enjoy outdoor games, meals, and chats.

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Porch vs. Patio

The difference between patio and porch designs is clear. It really depends on the result you’re looking to achieve with your addition.

A patio will be up to five times cheaper than building a porch, but a porch may add more home value to your space.

You will get a great deal more living space with your patio than building a porch but adding finishes to a patio can be pricey.

Your family can still enjoy time on your porch, given you choose the right furniture for it to be functional and comfortable.

A patio will add dimension to your garden, but a porch will add dimension to the front of your home. A patio will also take away from the size of your backyard, so that is something to consider

A porch may require permission from your community to design and build, but a patio will provide little to no protection for your home, whether that be for safety from intruders or in-climate weather.

Design Your Dream Space

If you’re deciding between a porch and patio, take time to weigh your own porch vs. patio pros and cons, depending on what your needs are. It can be a very pricey and lengthy process, so the result must be your dream space.

You and your family will make hours of memories in whichever addition you choose. Whether you’re going for functional or decorative, the outdoor living design options for you are out there.

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