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Custom Deck Design and Porch Addition

Not every house comes with a deck or porch. But what if I tell you that you can add them? And there are many custom deck designs and porch addition is available on the internet.

Just because your house didn’t have any deck design that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add one. They may cost a bit but the experience and the view may be worth it.

image - Custom Deck Design and Porch Addition
Custom Deck Design and Porch Addition

Depending on the extra space your property has you can also add a porch in your house. Trust me on this, they look super cool and give a completely different vibe to your house. karmahomedesigns.com is talking about deck design you may visit.

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If your house didn’t come with a deck then you will need to make one yourself. If you know woodworking and how to handle cardboards, you may do the project yourself with some minimal help.

But if the project is a large-scale one we suggest you, take help from professionals.

They are the best at their jobs. You will find many different deck designers online. Ask them for a free estimate and they will be more than happy to do that for you.

Deckbuilding is one of the best experiences you can get. The feeling of having your own deck where you can relax and have bbq parties is something else.

Yes, you can do those in your yard but the feeling of a deck on the second floor is something that you need to experience for yourself.

If you look hard enough on YouTube you will find many DIY tutorials on deckbuilding. But we once again suggest you seek help from professionals. Ask for an estimate of the total cost. If anyone fits in your budget hire them.

Custom Deck Designs

We mentioned before that the internet is full of many custom deck designs. Pinterest is full of beautiful, different, and unique designs.

Find something that you like and send that as a reference to your builder. Or if you are good at drawing or designing then design the whole deck yourself then validate that.

Every custom deck builder will say that they take a unique approach while building. But don’t forget to ask for their portfolio and past designs. It will make a lot of sense when you actually see the designs.

One thing to keep in mind that is the internet is full of unique and excellent designs, but not all of them are done in a compact place. Some of them may even cost in the millions. And no I am not exaggerating.

It’s okay to make it fancy but don’t go overboard. You need to keep in mind the resale value.

Deck Remodeling

Just like you renovate the interior or exterior of your house you can remodel your pre-existing deck too. The deck designer usually does this too.

If you are interested in making your deck a little more fancy remodeling is always a good idea. Compared to house renovating the cost of a deck remodeling is really low.

Custom Patio Design

The main difference between deck and patio is patios are normally set on the ground where a deck is lifted up from the ground.

You can build a patio separated from the main house. On an open space you can make a patio. If you have a family gathering or bbq party often then you should have them build in your house. They make gathering a lot more fun.

Porch Addition

Just like a deck, if your house doesn’t feature a porch you can build a porch in front of your house. The design is of course, depends on you.

You can go for porch with sunroof, enclosed porch, country porch, porch & patio, 2nd story porch, etc. I mean there are tons of design out there for you to choose from.

There you go, have fun renovating your deck, or build a completely new one. Make sure to research more about the design that you want before finalizing the decision. If you want to learn more about deck design & porch addition you may visit karmaconstructiongroup.com.

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