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5 Tips on Reviving Your Deck for the Holidays

The deck is one of the areas that makes it hard from different weather changes throughout the year.

It weathers high moisture from those rainy seasons to being dried bare during the hot months. Unfortunately, it rarely makes it at the top of the maintenance and care list.

But now that the holiday season is here, you can do something to revive it and give it a fresh look.

This article shares five tips to help you have your deck looking as good as new for the holidays and could be the envy of your neighborhood.

image - 5 Tips on Reviving Your Deck for the Holidays
5 Tips on Reviving Your Deck for the Holidays

1. Inspection and Repair

You’ll need to conduct a thorough inspection of your deck first to have an idea of what you need to revive it.

Look for any structural issues, loose surface board, rotten, or broken wood. If there’s any decking timber that’s irreparably damaged, you need to replace it before you start on the overall revival project.

Also, look at the wobbly deck railings. Often, deck railings and posts are only screwed to a single rim joist.

With time they become loose as the joint flexes every time there’s pressure applied, such as when you lean on them. Consider adding wood blocking to make the rim joist stiffer. But in many cases, depending on how long your deck has gone without repairs, you’re going to need to hire a professional deck builder to build you a completely new outdoor space.

2. Refinish the Deck

In matters reviving the look of your deck, refinishing it is among your best bets to give it a fresh face. Then you need to thoroughly prep your unpleasant deck with a thorough pressure wash.

This helps to remove the flaking deck stains to give you a good surface to work on. You need to let the deck dry well for a few days before giving applying paint or stain.

Notably, if you opt for penetrating stains, you need to ensure you give it frequent fresh coats to maintain the new look.

However, there will be no need to strip the coat before applying another one in the future, unless you’re doing another full restoration.  Always ensure to apply your paint or stain when your deck can have enough sun for a few days to ensure proper drying.

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3. Decide on Paint or Stain

When you have fixed the broken and lose pieces, your approach for reviving your deck depends on the outcome you want to achieve. Decide whether you want to revive the deck by staining or painting.

If you have a painted or varnished deck and want a stained deck look, the first step is to strip off the varnish or paint. Then you’ll need to clean, sand, and then apply the new finish.

image - Decide on Paint or Stain

Staining keeps the natural look of your deck wood.  There are various types on which you may need to consult a professional about it.

On the other hand, painting means putting a fresh coat of the same color as before or changing the color. Painting can help you add some personality to the deck with a pop of color.

However, the painting or repainting process is much simpler than staining. All you’ll need is to clean, sand, and apply your paint. It’s advisable to choose paints that are made to be used on decks and outdoor spaces.

4. Install a Pergola

Exposure to extreme weather is on top of the list of things that harm your deck and leave it looking old and unattended.

You can build a pergola to transform your exposed deck into a beautiful and inviting space. Besides, it’ll be shielded from the scorching sun and rain while still keeping the open feel of a deck.

Ensure to build a pergola that catches water dripping through your deck boards, redirecting it away from the deck.

You can consider adding gutters to keep water from splashing on draining on your deck as well. Putting a shade on your deck will limit the number of things that cause it to age faster.

5. Think About Your Deck Lighting

Installing outdoor lighting fixtures can feel like a difficult project to do. But it can give new life to your deck in readiness for the holidays.

You can try something like creating updated light strings on the walls instead of just placing them overhead. You can also place lanterns in designated areas.

Adding step lights, if you don’t already have them, can also help to make it more inviting and safer to navigate while enjoying your nights outside. A magical night glow could be the highlight you need for a deck revival.


Your deck has had it rough all year long. It’s time for holidays and it can do with a little tender love and care.

From repairing damaged wood, fixing the wobbliness, and giving it a deep clean, there are various things you can do to breathe new life into your deck.

If you want to paint it, show your style and personality with color. You can also opt to give the wood a natural clean look with staining.

Also, consider covering it with a pergola and putting some new lighting fixtures up for a fresh look.

When your deck starts to show signs of wear and tear and no longer meets your expectations, it’s time to hire someone who specializes in deck staining northern beaches.

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