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How to Prepare Your Deck for Summer

The arrival of summer this can mean a lot of things but most importantly it means homeowners can fully utilize their outdoor space. From grilling on the BBQ to late-night fires, the summer months are when most people make full use of their patios and decks.

However, the past winter weather can have a lingering and tough effect on your decking. By the time spring rolls around if you’re noticing your deck is looking a little grey and rundown, don’t be discouraged!

image - How to Prepare Your Deck for Summer
How to Prepare Your Deck for Summer

Depending on what kind of decking you have (whether it’s wood, vinyl planks, concrete, etc.), most decking can easily be brought back to its liveliness.

With a good mix of know-how, products, and effort, you can restore your deck to its former glory. By following some simple maintenance tips you can easily have your deck prepped and ready for summer!

The 5 Steps to Get Your Deck Ready for Summer

 1. Give Your Deck a Good Wash

First things first, the simplest of steps to begin assessing your deck is to give it a good wash to see what it needs next. To begin, sweep off any debris and dry matter with a broom. If you notice any screws or nails sticking out make sure to fix them before continuing.

Next, wash your deck off with a power washer or just a simple hose. This is recommended over mopping your deck as it is more efficient. Just remember to not have your pressure up too high to avoid damaging your deck. Once your deck has dried you’ll be able to see how much work will be needed for the next steps.

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2. Remove Any Insect Infestations

Knock down any spiders with a broom and then follow up by using an insecticide on stinging insect nests. Make sure you’re appropriately dressed in safety glasses, gloves, and long pants and sleeves. It’s also recommended to leave an escape path for the insects to escape.

3. Check and Clean Your Patio Furniture

At this point, you can bring back out your patio furniture from storage and check them over for any wear or damage. Give them a little TLC and tighten any bolts or screws.

After wipe down your furniture, and give them a good scrub with water and soap to remove any dirt or stains.  If you notice any rust beginning to form, you can remove it with a wire brush or sandpaper. For more stubborn rust, try using a chemical rust remover.

4. Decorate and Set Up Your Deck or Patio

Now you can release your inner home designer and design or decorate your patio. Add as much or as little as you desire. Whether you accent with outdoor rugs, mats, planters, lighting, or wind chimes, your patio can be as lively or minimalistic as you please.

This is also a good time to get your grill set up for summertime cookouts. Make sure to dust it off and give it a thorough inspection.

Look for any cracks or damages on the line connected to the gas, if you find anything make sure to replace them.  Check over your burners and their gs tube to ensure they aren’t worn out or blocked by debris or spider webs.

Remove grates and scrub them with a wire brush to remove any burnt-on particles and debris. Clean the inside and outside of the grill thoroughly with hot, soapy water and a sponge or rag.

After you’re done cleaning, you can rinse your grill off with a hose and let it dry. Once your grill is dry, you can give it a test, and then you’re all good to go!

Note: Make sure your grill is completely off and the propane tank is shit off before doing any kind of maintenance.

5. Refresh Your Landscaping

After all, four steps, you can touch up you’re landscaping. Touching up landscaping is a great way to help compliment your deck and patio. Trim any overgrown branches from trees and bushes.

Add fresh mulch to your flower beds and around any trees.  This is also a good time to consider adding some lighting features, whether you plant them in your garden or go the extra mile and install railing lights, this is a great way to provide extra light for nighttime activities.

In conclusion

Now, after all your hard work you can relax! You’ve worked hard and now it’s your turn to sit back, relax and enjoy the summer weather on your patio!