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How to Determine My Decorating Style

Probably one of the most nerve-racking and exhilarating parts of designing your dream home is the discovery and unearthing of your decorating style.

But going through the process of finding and refining this inner style guide can feel overwhelming and difficult, especially with all the options, varieties, and materials available in today’s market.

To help you get through discovering your decorating style, we’ve created this guide to help you!

image - How to Determine My Decorating Style
How to Determine My Decorating Style

How to Begin Narrowing Down Your Decorative Style

There are many types of interior designs with a list that’s ever-evolving. Some are just passing trends and others have held their prestige as timeless classics.

Just before we fully dive into the list, if you are ever feeling unsure or are having trouble narrowing down your options, the best person to speak with would be an architectural designer. They have all the knowledge and previous experience to help you make functional and stylistic choices.

Each style is made up of distinctive furniture, decor, lighting, and accessories that help it give off its signature look and feel. By getting to know each style a little better you will understand which styles stand out to you and meet your personal criteria.

It’s important to conduct your own research too, there are plenty of resources available like online interior design services that offer style quizzes to help you narrow down and refine your choices, styles, and preferences.

5 Steps for Finding Your Decorating Style

1. Browse Magazines

There are plenty of resources out there to help you find inspiration, whether you grab some print magazines or even browse popular websites like Pinterest for some beautiful images.

Although it can be difficult to zero in on a specific style, you can definitely find elements you’re drawn to. Take some time to flip through some magazine pages or scroll through some websites and save elements you love or are super drawn to.

There’s no right or wrong – just tear out what you love and keep it. After amassing your collection, you can look over all your findings and identify common themes and patterns.

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2. Take an Online Quiz

There are plenty of online quizzes that are designed by home decor experts and architectural designers to help you find your decorating style. Choose a couple of design-style quizzes to take in your downtime.

If all your results from your quizzes come back the same, chances are you’re on the right track to narrowing down your style. These quizzes can be fun, easy to discover your style and show you more alternative options that you may have not considered.

3. Look to Your Wardrobe

Another good way to find your home decor style is to look in a place where you already have your style set like your wardrobe.  Paying attention to things such as the colors and texture can indicate what you’re already drawn to.

If you have more neutral clothing than anything else with select pieces that have pops of color, this could direct your home decor to have a neutral palette with accents and pieces of furniture that are bold and colorful.

4. Pay Attention to The Exterior of Homes

When you drive around your city or town, find inspiration in what’s already around. Which houses make you feel giddy or get you excited? Are they more traditional brick homes, or are they minimalist and modern? If you love modern homes, chances are you may be attracted to the clean lines, and minimalism of modern home decors.

But on the other hand, if you’re more attracted to traditional homes, you may want to make strides to more classic-looking furniture.

5. Take an Inventory of Your Current Decor

Last but not least, take a walk-through of your current home and take notes on your decor. In each room, make a list of furniture/art.accessories that you absolutely adore and a separate list of those you wouldn’t mind replacing.

After making and completing your lists, take some time to review them. On the list you love, see if there are any common themes. This can help serve as a guide for your next home to keep true to your style.