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Modern Home Decorating Ideas

While modern is a word that often gets tossed around in the home decor industry, it has its unique way of facilitating a functional, yet hugely welcoming home environment.

When it comes to defining a specific style, the word ‘modern’ gets used a lot. So much so, that it’s unbelievably complicated to conceive what modern actually means.

image - Modern Home Decorating Ideas
Modern Home Decorating Ideas

In truth, modern home decoration is a term that refers to a one-word philosophy – simplicity. No matter how you furnish your home with which furniture, as long as they are trimmed down to the basics, you can call it modern.

As you can imagine, designers and homeowners take this liberty of simplicity and effortlessly add their own personalities to create a unique design.

So, a simple modern interior shouldn’t be discarded as boring. It can also be vibrant, welcoming, and burst with colours and patterns., giving your home an inviting look and feel no matter its structural patterns.

So, today, let’s find out some of the most popular modern home decorating ideas from below.

Minimalism in Modern Homes

As the spaces get shorter in modern homes, the emphasis is more readily put into maximizing it with minimal furnishing. So, gone are the days with elaborate furniture.

Instead, it’s been replaced with clean lines and neutral palettes, often made to serve multiple purposes.

The modular furniture showcased on Poliform is a nice example of that – a living room setup that can be added to or removed from as the users need in different circumstances.

The Scandinavian-inspired art-deco living is rising in popularity too.

Geometric Shapes Add the Details

Another unique characteristic of modern home decor is to opt for furniture and lighting solutions that come resembling some geometric shapes.

It not only helps to keep the lines clean and trimmed but also adds a bit of multi-dimensionality to the otherwise earthy design decisions.

A circular tabletop with a trimmed rectangular base, for example, can add a bit of depth to your home in its simplistic best.

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Neutral Colours with Natural Textures

If you prefer a bit of calm and peace when back at home, the best modern home idea would be to opt for some neutral colours.

Black and white certainly help to keep things muted, while another neutral colour can create a focal point.

An accented armchair placed in a white-washed living room with a black-lined sofa, for example, can immediately add a unique dimension to your home without being too loud.

Transitional Design with Upcycling

One of the core principles of modern home decor is to make use of all the available items and spaces instead of buying things for the sake of it.

Therefore, don’t be too quick in discarding those vintage chairs you have lying around in your home, or that boho-patterned rug.

You can easily compliment them with modern furniture, such as in Poliform, and make them look chic in your stylish home. Similarly, a burst of colours with neutral lines can work too.

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