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Holiday Home Exterior Decorating Ideas

Making an exterior impression on your holiday home is important. Especially if you would like to have it as a rental too. With signature decorations, it will make it both attractive and inviting.

Whether your holiday home is big or small, you’ll surely find inspiration from these tips we have prepared.

image - Holiday Home Exterior Decorating Ideas
Holiday Home Exterior Decorating Ideas

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  1. Pick a Color

Selecting the right color for your holiday home exterior has the potential to attract or repel. With the right choice of color, the exterior will create an inviting appearance that will draw one towards it from afar.

Say, you plan to give it as a rental, people will want to rent it because of the alluring feeling that’s is created by the colors.

White color remains the best color for the exterior and even interior. But if you would rather go for something different, you should consider warm or cool colors for your exterior walls.

And don’t play solo, as much as you would want your home to be outstanding, you wouldn’t want it to be different from the rest of the homes around it.

Inspect the colors most home-owners in the area are using and pick a color hue that is similar to the one common there. This way, you have succeeded in making your holiday home stand out without standing out.

  1. Extend your Living Area

The use of composite decking for your patio offers you extensive flexibility for your exterior decorations.

With a wide range of composite decking materials to choose from and all its benefits, it will be the right choice for setting up your patio.

The patio is the best place to relax, eat, and even meditate with the fresh air around you while being protected from the scorching sun.

  1. Opt for Matching Furniture

Your furniture should be able to match the color of your exterior. Pay attention to the colors of your sofa and the throw pillows. So that you can be able to create harmony from your exterior and your furniture.

  1. Set up a Bar

A bar is a fancy way of adding decor to your exterior. The bar will be a quick way to get to a chill drink. Make it even fancier by creating the lighting effect of a bar with the right lighting.

And if you would like to spend more time there, provide long stools over the counter. But if it’s for serving alone, the stools will not be necessary.

  1. Plant Palm Trees

If you’re the kind of person that likes being expressive, you’ll love this idea. Plant palms in front of your home and makes it eye-catching.

True, it will take time to get to maturity but that is the same with every tree. But this will surely add to the value of your estate property in the long run.

  1. Plants

If you’re not a patient man or the palm tree is too much for you to indulge in, then plants are the next best option.

Having plants around is an indispensable decorating option. Its green color gives your exterior an amazing beauty and offers nice shades too.

You shouldn’t just consider it an option but a necessity. Flowers and scrubs fall under this category.

  1. Outdoor Accessories

Choosing accessories for your exterior revolves around the mood you intend to create. But what is the best mood of the outdoors if not that of comfort and sheer relaxation.

Pick large throw pillows and huge flower vases. If you plan to have curtains, go for white or floral prints.

Avoid dark shades. Dark colors are prone to increasing the temperature as they are heat absorbent. The white color or floral prints are the opposite, so they are best recommended.

  1. Dispel the Dark

Lightening helps to dispel the darkness, so you can extend the day time. Use stylish lighting options from the store and make your exterior to be appealing even at night time.