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Home Sweet Home: 4 Must-Know Tips for How to Make Your Home Cozy

Is your home a cozy castle, or is it barely comfortable enough?

Since you’re probably spending more time at home due to social distancing, it should be a place you love, and not just somewhere you’re used to living. Dive in for some tips on how to make your home cozy and inviting.

image - 4 Must-Know Tips for How to Make Your Home Cozy
4 Must-Know Tips for How to Make Your Home Cozy

Whether you want to spruce up your bedroom or create a plush living area, these tips will inspire you to carve out your own comfy corner.

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  1. How to Make Your Home Cozy With More Color

When was the last time you dabbled in some interior painting?

If it’s been ages since your walls were painted, it’s time for an update. First, create a cozy, welcoming vibe by brightening the walls in your common living areas.

There’s no need to paint your bathroom a sickly pink or turn your kitchen bright orange. Simply touch up your living room with a brighter hue, making sure it creates a pleasing contrast with your furniture.

Making your home cozy is just a matter of gaining insight into the psychology of color. For instance, brighter colors evoke warmth and comfort, while darker colors set a cool and calm ambiance.

  1. Plush Rugs Are a Must

Are you a sucker for hardwood and tile flooring?

If so, chances are your surfaces could stand to be cozier. There’s nothing wrong with gleaming hardwood floors; wall-to-wall carpeting went out of style years ago. However, one of the best tips for creating a cozy home is to have ample rugs.

A soft living room rug will make your home more pleasant for your kids and pets, for instance. Also, nothing feels better against bare feet than a set of cushy bathroom floor mats.

  1. Cozy Couches Make for Cozy Homes

How much can you truly relax in your living room right now?

Are your couches suitable for Netflix binges with your significant other? Can you sneak a mid-day nap on your sofa amidst fluffy throw pillows? If not, then your furniture can stand to be cozier.

If you’re in the market for new living room seating, opt for a couch made of fabric. Soft cushions with a removable microfiber or microsuede covers are ideal.

If you have a large household, opt for a sectional sofa rather than several smaller seats. That coveted corner section is the coziest space on that kind of sofa by far.

If the couch you already own is comfy enough, outfit it with a few soft blankets and pillows. Avoid decorative throw pillows covered in scratchy material.

Go for blankets and pillows that feel as lovely as they look. You’ll want to snuggle into them, after all.

  1. Strive for a Comfy Bedroom

Is your bedroom your favorite space at home?

If not, it’s time to make it into the cozy sanctuary you deserve. Start by purchasing the best innerspring mattress you can afford.

In general, spring mattresses are a cozy alternative to pure memory foam mattresses and a much better choice than old-fashioned spring mattresses.

Top your new mattress with soft, smooth sheets that will keep you comfortably cool at night. Sheets made of cotton or bamboo can serve this purpose. Bamboo sheets are very popular these days.

Stay Cozy in Style

Now that you know how to make your home cozy, which upgrade will you make first?

Check out our site regularly for more stylish and cozy home tips, and remember that your comfort is what matters most. We hope to inspire you by keeping you in the loop with all of the latest interior design trends available.