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4 Tips on How to Design Effective Real Estate Sign Riders

With the world currently shifting toward digital marketing methods over traditional tactics, what does that mean for real estate signages?

While building an online presence is an important and necessary part of promoting yourself, real estate signs and sign riders are very much still relevant.

Some aspects of the home buying process are simply more effectively done when in person.

People will still need to show up for an open house or private viewing if a certain property has captured their attention.

Effectively designed real estate signage is still a great way to build up interest in a listed home and increase the chances of people coming to see it.

image - 4 Tips on How to Design Effective Real Estate Sign Riders
4 Tips on How to Design Effective Real Estate Sign Riders

What Sign Riders Are For

While real estate signage already contains the general information about the home, you can enhance the sign even more by adding a sign rider.

These are additional sign attachments that can provide more information about the property or invite people to contact you for more information.

Sign riders can work very much like a call-to-action button on a website. In this day and age, most people do their house-hunting online.

With all the sites out there, it is very easy to view the information of multiple homes in a relatively short amount of time. These sites typically have an eye-catching button goading the visitor to take a certain action.

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How to Design Real Estate Sign Riders That Work

Whether you plan to purchase the sign riders premade or commission bespoke sign riders for your business, it is still good to know what good design is.

Knowing what the best practices are when it comes to designing effective sign riders can help you determine what your needs are and inform your choices better.

If you need help in designing one for your business, here are a few real estate sign riders ideas that can help.

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  1. Keep the Wording Simple

If the information you wish to provide is unique to you or the listed property, you can have your sign riders custom-made for that purpose.

Whether you prefer to do it in-house or hire someone else to do it, remember to keep your message short and simple. You are calling whoever reads the sign to take action so it is best to prioritize brevity.

Additionally, you need to remember that simple does not equate to generic.

You can choose words that make bold but true statements about the property you are selling, especially if the verbiage will appeal to the target market.

A bachelor’s pad or two-bedroom home can have a rider that says “Soundproof Walls”, for example.

A property that was listed during the Halloween season can benefit from having a rider that says “Not Haunted” to incite laughter and pique people’s interest as well.

  1. Make the Design as Eye-catching as Possible

While this seems very blatant, this design tip cannot be stressed enough for a sign rider. The design has to be minimal but bold and visible even from a fast-moving vehicle.

This goes for both the sign riders that you wish to purchase or would like to have made.

Any sign rider worth displaying should look like it can visually communicate its message without taking attention away from the main sign.

  1. Think of Them as a Long-term Investment

When buying ready-made riders, consider how reusable the rider itself is in terms of message and durability.

Ideally, you will be using this rider more than once so generic call-to-actions or unique selling points about the property are good choices when buying riders.

Additionally, you need to consider the materials that the sign rider is made of. While less durable options come at more affordable prices, you might find yourself spending more in the long run when buying replacements.

To avoid this, purchase real estate sign riders made from materials like aluminum or rigid plastic that can withstand the elements and prolonged UV exposure as well.

  1. Encourage Potential Buyers and Make it for Them to Contact You

Your contact information is usually something useful to include on a sign rider. This is straightforward and far more effective than brochure boxes or QR codes.

Brochure boxes might turn some people away from the property as information overload straight off the bat is no longer as effective as it used to be. The same can be said about using a QR code.

While it might seem like a clever and modern way to get people to contact you, it can come off as gimmicky instead.

If you really want people to give you a call or send you a message, it’s best to provide your contact details upfront.

This no-fuss approach will make it easier to expedite the sale of the property as more people can contact you and be convinced to go see the home.

Making buyers feel like they need to sift through information or have a special app on their phone to get in touch with you can be counterproductive.

Sign riders can be an extremely effective marketing tool when it is used and designed purposefully. Hopefully, with these tips, you can learn how to tell if a sign rider’s appearance will meet your needs or not.


Credible and well-established home services companies like nexa understand the needs and budgets of their consumers. They work with you when it comes to taking in ideas, incorporating logos, and making it stand out in terms of creativity.

It is ultimately the sign, which is going to serve a real estate company or a broker’s business marketing, advertising, and sales driver.

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