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5 Most Important Home Design Things that Property Valuers Consider

If you want to go up the property ladder, understanding how to add value to your home is very important for you to get higher returns on investment when it’s time to sell it. You want your home to stand out when property valuers come to view it.

image - 5 Most Important Home Design Things that Property Valuers Consider
5 Most Important Home Design Things that Property Valuers Consider

Unsure of what property valuers consider when evaluating your home? Look no further; this article goes through the 5 most crucial home design things that property valuers consider.

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  1. Size and Condition of The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the home features that is currently valued high by home buyers. A clean, attractive, and friendly kitchen is vital for both the buyers and valuation surveyors.

This means that property valuers will be scrutinized and consider your kitchen design very carefully. The valuers will look at all sizes of the kitchen, the quality of the fittings and appliances, whether there is a dishwasher or not, and others.

This does not mean that you spend needless money to improve your kitchen value. Renovate it with appropriate fittings and fixtures depending on the value of the property and other houses in the area.

Little changes such as replacing unit doors, repainting or replacing unit doors can have a significant impact similar to better lighting and new floor tiles.

  1. Number and Condition of Bathrooms and Bedrooms

Property valuers will consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home. The more bedrooms your home has, the more value it has.

You can reconfigure your home layout to create an extra bedroom while taking care not to compromise the space when trying to increase your home value.

You can do this by dividing up the existing space, removing and adding walls converting the cellar or loft or extending your home.

The more bedrooms you have, the more bathrooms you should also have. If your home has more than three bedrooms, you should consider having a second bedroom.

The least ratio of bedrooms to bathrooms should be one to three. Property valuers also check the bathroom condition, whether it’s hygienic or has a touch of luxury.

You should hence ensure that the bathroom and bedroom have adequate lighting, and walls are painted with a neutral light shade for added value.

  1. Outdoor Living Areas

Most home buyers are willing to pay more for properties with significant outdoor living areas. The outdoor living areas tend to increase your property value than the cost of renovation.

The property valuers hence give significant attention to your outdoor home design. If your outdoor space is well presented and does not look outdated, they will have a positive impact on the considerations of property valuers.

You can increase the value of your outdoor living areas by making classic areas for seating, storage lawn, barbecue, eating, and so on. You can also consider adding trees and fences for more privacy as more seclusion adds value.

Redesigning your outdoor space, ensuring it is well designed, attractive, and tidy will help to make your property more appealing to property valuers and homebuyers while also increasing its value.

  1. Smart Technology

Smart home technology has gained tremendous popularity among the current homebuyers.

Homebuyers are preferring homes with intelligent devices, especially safety-enhancing gadgets, including; fire detectors, thermostats, security cameras, security lights, door locks, carbon monoxide detectors, alarms, and more.

While smart devices do not always increase home value, property valuers cannot afford to assume this smart technology. The homebuyers that view themselves as techies will pay more for these homes.

  1. Interior Property Size and Floor Space

Today, most homeowners are looking for homes with ample flour space on the internal property.

The floor space and size of the internal property is among the most crucial home design things that property valuers consider when evaluating your home valuations.

The larger the floor size, the better. Property renovations that aim at extending the home either up or out to increase the floor space will get higher valuations.


These are the top areas you need to improve in your home as property valuers consider them. With this, you can solve one task at a time until you achieve your sales goal.

If you need property valuation, you can visit www.sydneypropertyvaluation.com.au for the most honest, affordable, and accurate value of your property, saving you thousands of dollars.

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