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One Thing that Helps You Increase Property Value Significantly

Some of the factors that determine what your property is worth are out of your control, such as the location and popularity of the market.

There are other proven ways you can use to increase your property value, such as repairs and smart improvements.

image - One Thing that Helps You Increase Property Value Significantly
One Thing that Helps You Increase Property Value Significantly

Whether you want to sell your home at top dollar or build equity faster, here is a look at the one thing that helps you increase property value.

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The Kitchen Is the King

All kinds of property buyers have always engrossed in the kitchen, but it now holds the most potent power over the current homeowners.

According to statistical data, an updated or modern kitchen was at the top of the perfect home features and the most important to most home buyers.

The kitchen will give you the most significant returns on your investment. If you want to sell your property, don’t leave your kitchen down to the knobs, a small venture can help increase your property value.

You can add a new collection of appliances, a countertop, and carpeting for as little as $5000, giving your kitchen a coordinated, fresh look. Painting the walls and cabinets pus updating the hardware will also boost your property value.

Painting Is Still a Strong Upgrade

The painting retains your property at its best and protects its outsides from a tear, wear, and environmental rudiments. If you are preparing to vend your property; it does not mean that you should use thousands of dollars to repaint each square of your home.

Instead of focusing on high-traffic areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Also, the first thing the buyers see is the front door, and repainting the door and entryway is a cheap way to enhance the first impressing and increase the value of your property.

You want your property to appear better on the open-house that it has ever been, and repainting the areas with scratch marks will help increase your property value. The cost of repainting is cheap while it does great in improving the value of your property.

Modifying Your Floor Plan

In the current market, bigger is not better, but increasing the size of living space is a sure way of boosting your home’s worth.

An open floor plan with supple living space is one of the most desired features by home buyers, and you will be sure to increase your property value.

Most buyers see an extra living space as a devoted office to do their activities from home, while others want it as a playroom for their kids and grandkids. You can make your living space bigger by finishing the basement or building a deck.

Enhance Its Energy Efficiency

Features of conserving energy can have a significant effect on your property value, depending on your location.

Consider installing LED lighting, double-paned windows, and efficient appliances. This will entice energy-conscious buyers as well as increase the value of your home.

Availability of energy-efficient mortgages that lets borrowers take extra debt for the buy of a home and the energy-efficient upgrades says it all.

You can use an energy certified auditor to check where your home is wasting energy and the upgrades that will save you the highest cost.

Make It Smarter

With the current technology having lots of smart home devices, installing smart devices in your home is a sure way of boosting your property value.

A recent survey reveals that safety-enhancing gadgets top the list of intelligent technology buyers are looking for.

These smart devices include fire detectors, thermostats, security cameras, carbon monoxide detectors, lighting, and door locks.

These devices will not only add your home value but also its appeal. The homebuyers will be willing to pay more for your property while you can install these devices by yourself for less than $1000.


These are some ways in which you can increase your property value. While you want to improve your property and increase its value, you should be cautious to avoid enhancing your property.

You don’t want to spend on a renovating which will not give you a return on your investment. You can visit www.brisbanepropertyvaluations.com.au for your property valuation and advice on the areas that will increase your property value.

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