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How to Keep Yourself Busy in the Kitchen During the Coronavirus Outbreak

With almost half of the world’s population in social distancing lockdown, keeping yourself busy at home has never been more popular.

Reading new books, watching new series, and trying new recipes are just a few ways people have been filling their time.

For the especially culinary folks, North London kitchen designers Multiliving have put together a list for things to do in the kitchen.

image - How to Keep Yourself Busy in the Kitchen During the Coronavirus Outbreak
How to Keep Yourself Busy in the Kitchen During the Coronavirus Outbreak

To battle the boredom during the coronavirus outbreak, here are seven ways to keep yourself busy – specifically in the kitchen.

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Watch a Top Chef’s Instagram Cooking Show

Many artists have started live streaming concerts or performances, to stay connected with their audiences and to bring entertainment to those stuck at home.

Artists aren’t the only ones using live streaming to get through the lockdown, though. Chefs have started offering free cooking tutorials from their kitchens as well.

Top chef Massimo Bottura has started posting cooking videos on his Instagram. Follow along to see how a master chef works or to pick up some cooking tips to try out yourself!

Experiment with New Recipes

After you’ve watched some cooking tutorials, why not try a new recipe? In most countries, supermarkets remain open, so you’ll still have access to the ingredients you need.

Have you always wanted to try making empanadas? Go for it! Is there a recipe you’ve wanted to try but never had the time or ingredients for? Now is the perfect time to give it a go.

You can try your new recipes with your family, or ask friends to make the same dish on the same day and eat it together over video chat when you’re done.

Do a Cooking Challenge

For some, a new recipe is enough of a cooking challenge. But instead of just one new dish, why not try several? You could cook a new recipe from a different country each day for an entire week.

Or you could follow challenges from chef Simona Fabrizio, who posts a new one each day on her Instagram.

She asks followers to pick one simple ingredient like eggs and to concoct a dish by adding only four other ingredients.

You could do a similar challenge with friends, or see who can make the most interesting dish from whatever they have in the larder that’s about to expire.

There are lots of ways to get creative when it comes to cooking challenges.

Learn Some New Techniques

Maybe all these tutorials and challenges have helped you find your new hobby – and you’d like to enhance your cooking skills.

Study up on some cooking techniques by following more formal online courses. There are plenty to choose from and you can go at your own pace.

Brushing up on your culinary abilities is a great way to pass the time in your kitchen, plus your family probably won’t mind if you become a better chef too!

Work Your Way Through a Cookbook

Another culinary-inspired way to stay busy in the kitchen is by making your way through a cookbook. Pick your favourite, or purchase a new one online, and try to do each recipe from start to finish.

There are many cookbooks out there to choose from, ranging widely in themes.

You could try your hand at French cuisine, learn to cook clean-eating recipes, work on your pastry skills, and more. Diving into a new cookbook is a great way to learn all about a new style of eating.

Redesign Your Kitchen

Got time on your hands but aren’t as interested in trying new recipes? Then why not start planning the kitchen renovation you’ve always wanted?

Gather some ideas on a new Pinterest board and decide how you’d like your dream kitchen to look once the coronavirus outbreak has abated.

You can visualise your new kitchen with online modelling apps like IKEA’s Configurable Kitchen Room Planner.

And when you’re ready to make those dreams a reality, call us at Multiliving – London’s experts in Italian kitchen design.

Clean Your Kitchen

Cleaning isn’t the most fun way to pass the time in the kitchen, but it’s necessary. If you have nothing else to do, then give your worktops, cabinets, appliances, and furniture a good wipe-down.

You’ll feel more comfortable in a clean kitchen, plus keeping things hygienic is essential during a pandemic.

Final Thoughts on Staying Busy in the Kitchen During the Coronavirus Outbreak

If you’re willing to get creative, there are numerous ways to fight boredom when stuck at home. In the kitchen, especially, you can learn a new recipe, refine your culinary skills, or just have fun with a cooking challenge.

Staying inside during the outbreak is bothersome but necessary, and it shouldn’t prevent you from being creative and staying busy.

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