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Enhancing Your Home Interiors with Macramé Accent Pieces

Macramé as an art form can be traced back to the 13th Century in the Arabian Peninsula. Instead of allowing the long threads on their shawls or veils to fray, they knotted the fringes into different styles.

Although the term itself is Spanish, its origin is believed to be the Arabic word migramah, which loosely translates to “embroidered veil” or “decorative fringe.”

Today, modern macrame has transcended your traditional fabrics and into home designs.

image - Enhancing Your Home Interiors with Macramé Accent Pieces
Enhancing Your Home Interiors with Macramé Accent Pieces

Interior designs, along with fashion, typically go through ebbs and flows. Trends will fade and make a comeback.

The same is true with macramé, as well. For instance, the use of macramé as a decorative piece was prevalent during the 60s and 70s, during the hippie revolution.

Back then, anything bohemian was all the craze, and macrame possessed all qualities that hippies found endearing — the use of natural materials, the different textures, and that they could actually weave it themselves.

However, unlike during the bohemian age (or even earlier during the Victorian era), the macrame you see today that adorn some homes is more intricate.

You can attribute it to the innovations in material and technique. There are more knots today compared to any point in the history of macramé.

Here are some ways you can use macrame to blend the old and the new in your home’s interior:

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  1. Plant Hangers

According to the research from NASA, indoor plants can remove a majority of the toxins inside your home. But you often see potted greens and blooms in a home.

However, you can elevate your interior by using macrame plant hangers to hang plants on walls and platforms. You can also do one in your kitchen as you hang fresh herbs to be used for cooking.

  1. Bed Headboard

You can also use macramé as an accent piece for your bed’s headboard. The natural material will serve as a stark contrast to your modern pieces.

The best thing about this is you can use different colored yarns, depending on the dominant colors in your bedroom.

  1. Wall Decorations

The default option for the macramé is to use it as a wall hanging piece, instead of a painting or a family picture, to break the monotony.

  1. Hammocks or Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs are perfect for placing on the patio or on the corner, near the window where you can read in privacy.

However, they can also be expensive as well. Instead, you can weave one yourself using the macramé technique.

You can go to YouTube right now for a DIY video on how to weave a hanging chair. Once you get the hang of it, you can now graduate to hammocks.

  1. Stools and Magazine Holders

You can use yarn to cover almost all of your furniture–from deckchairs, stools, dining chairs, coffee tables, and the like.

However, magazine holders and stools are easier to weave, especially for beginners. When you are already confident in your skills, you can technically cover your whole house with macrame.

The best part about macramé is that you can actually learn how to do it yourself. There are countless patterns on Etsy that you can buy. The patterns are somewhat easy to follow and quite affordable.

Alternatively, you can learn from the DIY videos posted on YouTube. There are also websites dedicated to people who want to learn the basics of the weaving technique.

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