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How to Improve Your Home Aesthetics with Minimalism

With the start of the year comes the urge to rearrange and redecorate your house. There are many ways for you to change your house’s aesthetics but perhaps one of the most common is to ascribe to minimalism.

image - How to Improve Your Home Aesthetics with Minimalism
How to Improve Your Home Aesthetics with Minimalism

Minimalism is a lifestyle choice where an individual owns only a select few possessions. It must be noted that minimalism is an intentional choice.

Not having a lot of furniture in your flat because you can’t afford a tea table or decors does not fall under minimalism.

It is a given thing that clutter and mess is not exactly a symptom of a healthy person. Psychology also believes that living in a messy room is not only a sign of depression and anxiety but could also be one of the factors that lead to a person developing depression and anxiety.

Becoming a minimalist has a lot of advantages. For example, it is already a given that with fewer possessions.

You and your partner will finally be able to call yourselves homeowners instead of just living in a mini-apartment filled with trash that you’re too embarrassed to invite guests in.

For us young professionals, we simply do not have the time to clean. Whatever is left of our time outside of the office is used in socializing, resting, doing other chores, or even working a second job. This means that our lifestyle just cannot cope with the exhausting activity of cleaning up.

This is why a minimalist house is advisable. You will literally have less stuff to clean not to mention your place will look aesthetically pleasing.

Here, we have listed some of the best ways on how to achieve a minimalist house.

Rent a Self-Storage Facility

First of all, you need to figure out where the majority of your stuff is going. While it is definitely recommended that you throw out or donate many of the unnecessary objects that you have, there is still a lot that you really shouldn’t throw away because they still have value to you.

For example, it would be outright foolish to get rid of your winter clothes every time it ends. What you can opt to do instead is to rent out a self-storage facility where you can store your stuff in.

The extra furniture that you might need later on can also be sent here instead of you disposing of them outright.

For more information about self-storage facilities, you can visit Henfield Storage in London.

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Use Subdued Colours

One of the most distinguishable features of minimalist homes is its white walls and furniture in neutral colours.

This is because these shades are light on the eyes and do not bombard the viewer. Bright colours such as yellow, orange and red are way too loud and could strain the eyes.

On the other hand, black, white, and grey allows the eyes to rest and also create more space which will make your property appear bigger.

Quality Over Quantity

When buying furniture, you should always go for quality instead of quantity. You don’t need that much furniture, just the basics, so it would be better for your bank account in the long run if you opt to buy high-quality furniture.

Though they may be quite pricey, you are guaranteed that they will last long. At the same time, furniture that peels in less than a year of use will not exactly look good in your place forcing you to buy another one.

Be Creative with Storage

More often than not, the challenge for potential minimalists out there is where to store the stuff that was left inside their houses.

One common misconception also is that minimalist houses are bare and empty. Homeowners just have to be creative with where they hide their items. One common trick is to hide their items within the confines of their furniture.

There is now a lot of furniture that comes with hidden storage spaces. For instance, beds have drawers underneath for clothes to be stored, couches have shelves behind, etc.

Clear Floors, Walls and Surfaces

The main reason why minimalism has become famous is because of its promise of clean aesthetics. Having said that, it should be a given that your floors, walls, and surfaces must be clean and free of clutter.

emove any wall hangings, picture frames, and decors that may attract attention. What you want is a unified home so any piece that takes way too much attention should be discarded.

Your countertops, bathroom sink, and nightstand are some of the main suspects of being filled with clutter. Makeup, used clothes, discarded wrappers, etc are not exactly a great sign of an organized home.

Make it a habit to clear all surfaces after you are done using them. At the same time, clear surfaces are also great for your overall aesthetics.

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