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Tips for Finding Best Log Cabin and Log Home Kits

It takes a lot of effort to build a log home. Cut down the trees, process them, find additional necessary materials, and only then begin.

Somewhere in the middle of the process, you realize that you are still missing a few things.

You don’t know whether to give up or keep torturing yourself in an effort to achieve something that you might not even achieve in the end. How frustrating, isn’t it?

image - Tips for Finding Best Log Cabin and Log Home Kits
Tips for Finding Best Log Cabin and Log Home Kits

As I said, it takes a lot of effort to build a construction like this. That is if you have to do it the old way. The new way, however, is a different story.

Today, you can find a log cabin and home kits at places like mrhandcrafted.com and BZB Cabins & Outdoors and build yourself the perfect cabin in a matter of weeks.

So, your construction process just went from an extremely frustrating ordeal to a delightfully pleasant project.

You’re searching for your perfect kit right now, aren’t you? But, wait a minute.

Is it a good idea to make a purchase before you get further acquainted with these remarkably convenient products? I would think twice about this.

You don’t want to end up with the wrong material on your hands. So, take a few moments to learn a few useful things and find the best product.

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What Is a Log Kit?

A log home kit is a package of tools and materials that allows you to build a cabin from scratch using a step by step framework that was pre-designed in accordance with building permits and codes.

These usually include walls, roofing, windows, doors and sometimes flooring. In a few words, it contains all the equipment you need to build a log house. Read here.

The need for simplicity in the construction process has been recognized on the market and now there are many companies offering different types of kits for you to use.

However, in order to choose the one that is right for you, you have to take a few things into consideration. Starting from the type of log you prefer.

image - What Is a Log Kit


As I have already said, one of the first decisions you will have to make has to do with the type of log that you want.

In this regard, there is one main differentiation to take into account. There is a choice between milled and handcrafted kits.

Both are perfect for making yourself a cabin. Nevertheless, what makes them different is the method of engineering, building and designing these two types. Let’s check them out.


In this kit, all the logs are identical when it comes to shape and size. They are smooth due to the machine finish and the grain and coloring are rather similar.

That gives your house an appealing, uniform look. When the pieces are shorter, they have to be joined by “butt joints”, in order to keep the cold air out and provide you with more comfort.


Preparing handcrafted log packages requires a lot more effort on the supplier’s part. Each and every log is peeled and notched by hand, using a draw-knife, a chisel, and a chainsaw.

It does not require any butt-joins, which allows for a tighter construction in your house and fewer problems with drafts.

Of course, due to the amount of labor invested in this procedure, this kit might cost a bit more than the milled one.

Thanks to the meticulous process of getting these kits together with bare hands, the whole cabin will ooze with a unique, rustic appearance.

In simple words, it will be really, really beautiful. Furthermore, since the logs are not uniformed, you are given the opportunity of extra customization.

In case you couldn’t tell by now, my choice would be the handcrafted kit. Sure, that’s just my personal preference and opinion.

But, there is something in the beauty of a carefully carved and chiseled log that makes my heart warm and completely shuns the fact that this option is slightly pricier.

image - How Long Does It Take to Build a Cabin With This Kit

How Long Does It Take to Build a Cabin With This Kit?

Now that we have covered the basics of these packages, their types, as well as the tool and the equipment that you might expect to see inside, it’s time to answer your next question.

And I am fairly sure that that is a time-related question. After all, the whole point of these products is to make construction easier and faster.

If you think that all you need to do is get yourself your preferred kit, open it, and a cabin will miraculously emerge, oh boy, are you in delusion. It’s not magic, you know.

Although, compared to the traditional way of things, it sure feels magical. Yet, you need to familiarize yourself with the process.

This article will come in handy: https://home.howstuffworks.com/home-improvement/construction/planning/log-cabin-kits.htm

image - Best Log Cabin & Log Home Kits

So, when it comes to the length of the whole process, there are two timeframes to take into account. The first one starts once you have ordered your packaging since your supplier needs to manufacture it. Usually, this takes up to three weeks.

The second timeframe has to do with the assembly process. Basically, it depends on your contractor (if you are using one), as well as the size of the kit.

If you are doing a complicated design, you may even count in years. But, usually, you will have a cabin assembled in approximately six weeks. So, in a couple of months after your initial order, you’ll be able to enjoy your own log home.

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