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Spring Decorating Ideas: Think “Naked” for Spring Decorating

Spring Decorating Ideas — Spring is in the air! It’s time to put away the heavy trappings of winter and start thinking light, airy, and refreshing. Just as we shed more clothes as the temperature goes up, so, too, can your home. It’s the natural thing to do!

Just think “naked” as you go from room to room, and use these tips to bring your spring decorating in harmony with nature. You will love the results — a lovely taste of spring throughout!

Spring Decorating Ideas - Bring Spring into Your Home with Fresh Spring Flowers!
Bring Spring into Your Home with Fresh Spring Flowers! (Spring Decorating Ideas)

This “naked” mindset towards spring decorating will refresh your heart and home for spring.

Spring Decorating Ideas, Think “Naked” for Spring Decorating

These spring decorating ideas are just the thing for a budget conscious spring makeover for your home. And, of course, it’s your choice if you want to get naked to get into the “naked” decorating mindset! Enjoy!


  • Thinking “Naked” Step 1: Strip It Naked
  • Thinking “Naked” Step 2: Re-Dress Lightly and Sparingly
  • Thinking “Naked” Step 3: Bring In The Beauty of Nature In The Spring

Nakedness In The Kitchen

How many things are on your kitchen counter? Is it overdressed with a can opener, a toaster, a blender, a coffeemaker, a coffee bean grinder, and more? There is probably a cabinet right beside that counter where you could store those portable appliances. It may take some rearranging, but, with effort, you could make those appliances just as reachable, but out of sight!

Do you have a dish drainer which takes up a lot of your counter space? Once your dishes dry, put them up and put away the dish drainer to keep it out of sight.

Now that your counters are nice and naked, bring in a little spring beauty with some fresh spring flowers in a vase or pitcher. Alternatively, fill china cups or cream pitchers with some delicate silk flowers.

Use small scented candles around the flower arrangements for a nice touch. Put spring colored votive candles in clear glass or crystal holders. Or use a flat candle holder with some of the flowers sprinkled around the candle on the base.

If you have a kitchen window above the sink, put some small decorative planters with newly growing herbs, such as mint, there. Not only can you relish the new growth of spring with your spring decorating, but you also get to enjoy the delicious flavors of fresh herbs, too!

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Thinking “Naked” In The Living Room

Spring decorating in the living room or family room uses the same “naked” mindset. Even if you have heavy or overstuffed furniture in dark colors, there are things you can do to lighten it up for spring.

To start, take away the clutter. Keep only the most current magazines or newspapers which you haven’t read yet in a magazine rack. Give away or store the rest.

For bookshelves, a spring decorating idea which works well is to intersperse sections of books with photographs, memorabilia, or other decorations. If they are full of books already, store many of the books which you will not be reading in the near future. Prune it down to where the books take up maybe half of the shelves.

OK, so they are only half naked. That opens up space for the other items. Since you are decorating for spring, use light-colored, lightweight, or floral theme photo frames and decorations. Candles and small vases of flowers also go well on the shelves. Your final arrangement of everything should look light, airy, and uncrowded. There should be some naked space. If your shelves tend to be dark, add some additional lighting to your shelves.

Bring in the spring. Replace your heavy curtains with light springlike fabrics and colors for a refreshing change. Use light or pastel colored throw pillows and rugs. If your upholstery is really dark, you could put springtime slipcovers for a total change. If that is not an option, cream-colored accessories go great with dark colors. Bring in enough of the light cream, and you’ll be amazed how much difference it can make!

Did You Know?

The “naked” mindset is important for a totally fresh look.

The Naked Bathroom

Once again, the less clutter the better. Put away all the makeup and grooming accessories into a cabinet or drawer. Make those counters naked except for your spring decorating. A light new shower curtain, along with matching towels, rug, and toilet seat cover gives the bathroom a breath of fresh air, too!

Even a small bathroom can benefit from the flowers, birds, and butterflies of spring. Here’s an easy spring decorating project. Find one or two light, airy half-baskets with flat backs. If you can find the ones made from wooden branches, like long twigs, they work great.

Fill the bottom with moss. Add a few silk flowers and a fake bird or two (the pretty ones covered in real feathers) from the craft store. Top it off with a small butterfly. Voila! You now have beautiful spring decorations to hang on the wall of your bathroom!

“Naked” In The Bedroom

This same light, airy, and “naked” spring decorating mindset is perfect to bring new life to your bedroom. As with the other rooms, get rid of all clutter. Strip everything down to outright nakedness, and then decorate lightly and sparingly.

Curtains, pillows, and bed coverings should all reflect the newness and freshness of spring. Use light colors and lightweight fabrics. Fresh flowers and scented candles in crystal holders bring in springtime beauty and aromas for your added pleasure.

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Lighting and Fresh Air In Your Spring Decorating

As a final touch, make sure you let in an as much natural light as possible. (If you took off your clothes to think “naked”, now is the time to put them back on.) Open all your windows to let out the winter and bring in the fresh spring breezes.

If your house is still looking dark, consider investing in more or larger windows or some skylights. Or visit your neighborhood home center or lighting store for new ideas on bringing more light into your home.

See what a difference thinking “naked” makes in your spring decorating? In these few simple steps, you can give your home a complete makeover and fill it with freshness, new life, and the natural beauty of spring.

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