Home decorating is more than throwing on a fresh coat of paint and rearranging you bean bag chairs. There is potential in every space, big or small, to feel glamorous, calm, rustic or formal. If hiring an interior designer isn’t in the budget (and it’s certainly not for me) then look around your home what better way to decorate on a budget than using items you already have.

7 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Stuff You Already Have
7 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Stuff You Already Have

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Here are some ways you can use everyday items to add a bit of flare to your home.

1. Vases

My sister decorated her house for Christmas this year, using large floor vases to hold some of the ornaments she had kicking around. I thought what a wonderful idea! Filling a large vase with colorful ornaments can add a beautiful touch of color to a corner of the room. When it’s not Christmas substitute in some pinecones, willow branches or wide ribbon. Try filling a vase with lemons, limes or oranges for a fresh clean feeling, it’s nearly Spring after all!

2. Serving platters

If you’re not planning on hosting a formal dinner anytime soon, dust off the serving platters and put them to use. Use platters to hold fruit or to catch mail, keys and change as you walk in the door. Use an old basket as an accent piece on a table and fill it with potpourri.

3. Tea towels

Curtains covering the window above the sink looking a little tired? If you have some nice kitchen towels try using these to freshen up the window. Last week my friend over at the Small Notebook showed how she used a tea towel for a quick color makeover as an alternative to painting! It’s really cool. Colorful towels can also be used as place mats on the dinner table or as a mat under a vase of cut flowers.

4. Books

I recently wrote about reducing and organizing your personal library. But books are also great decorating accessories. Larger books can be displayed on a coffee table or sofa table to add a bit of color or interest. Stack a few books under a lamp or picture frame.

5. Pitchers

When you’re not using pitchers for water, juice or lemonade try using them to store kitchen utensils. You can also use a pitcher to display fresh cut flowers or to store office supplies such as pens, pencils and rulers.

6. Tea pot

Instead of throwing away an old tea pot try using it as a pot for a small flowering plant. This looks really cute if displayed in your kitchen on a shelf or on the window sill. Also, if you buy tea in small metal tins consider using these as planters as well they look really sweet!

7. Glasses

Use wine glasses or other drinking glasses to display some candles and add a soft glow to a corner of your living room. Try putting the candle inside the glass or flip it over and plop the candle on top for a bit of a different look. Mixing and matching glassware adds a bit more interest.

I’m always looking for ways to add a bit of flare to our home without spending a lot of money. I like things that are simple, sexy and neat. If you have any other ideas on adding a bit of polish to your home without breaking the bank please let me know in the comments.