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When is The Best Time to Buy Furniture from Your Favorite Home Furnishing Stores

Looking around your house or apartment you begin to realize that your thread-bare sofa from college and your grandmother’s hand-me-down coffee table have seen better days. It is time to make a change but in this economy you have to be careful. So, when is the best time to buy new furniture?

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Best time to buy new furniture
When is the best time to buy new furniture?

Holiday Sales – Best Home Furniture

We have all heard the obnoxious ads on television, internet, radio and glaring at us from the pages of our morning newspapers proclaiming, “The largest furniture sales event in the tri-state area!”, but is it? As a matter of fact, it could be. 

Furniture stores do offer nice discounts during holidays such as President’s Day, 4th of July, New Year’s, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. It really depends on what you are looking for. Take Father’s Day for instance, you are much more likely to find recliners on sale than curio cabinets. Thanksgiving and Christmas on the other hand, are not the best times for deep discounts. 
However, right before the holidays around October you can find substantial savings on dining room and living room furniture. Retailers know that you will be expecting company and that you do not want them eating, sitting and sleeping on old uncomfortable furniture. They also know that the closer you get to the holidays the less likely you are to indulge in a major purchase for yourself.

Clearance Sales

Each year furniture retailers will debut their new lines on showroom floors in August (remember, in anticipation of the holiday season). So, if you are in the market for clearance items, July is the best time to buy furniture for your home. Living room, dining room and bedroom furniture can be found at great prices. What won’t you find at a huge discount or on clearance? Why, outdoor furniture of course. 

If you have found a great patio set that you would love to relax on during the lazy days of summer, resist the temptation until January or February. Trust me on this one, I have a “friend” that recently paid $800.00 dollars for a beautiful patio ensemble. If she had waited until January, just 5 short months later, she could have purchased it for $298.00!


The best time to buy furniture from home furnishing stores doesn’t have to be confined to a few holidays here and there. It also doesn’t have to be confined to large furniture distributors with fancy well-lit professionally decorated showrooms. If you really want to add character to your home and save money at the same time try thrift shops, yard sales, estate sales and antique stores. 

Personally, I do not like the matchy room-in-a-box look that a lot of furniture distributors offer today. Mixing new with old can not only warm up a room it can keep cash in your wallet. Browse home furnishing magazines for new ideas, find what you like and head out with a plan in mind. 
You will be surprised at what you can find. You may have to look beyond the surface, put in a little time and work but the results can be amazing. By doing this you will make the best time to buy furniture, anytime.

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