Featured of Ideas for Outside Christmas Decorating that Go beyond Rope Lights

Three Simple Standalone Ideas for Outside Christmas Decorating

If your ideas for outside Christmas decorating begin and end with rope lights, it is time to expand. Sure, these festive lights have a tried and true place in the outdoor décor for the holiday season, but there are so many other options that highlight a merry Christmas message!

Ideas for Outside Christmas Decorating that Go beyond Rope Lights

Christmas Tree (Ideas for Outside Christmas Decorating that Go beyond Rope Lights)

Ideas for Outside Christmas Decorating that Go beyond Rope Lights

Three simple ideas for outside Christmas decorating allow the homeowner to utilize easy to install focal points for the front yard or home décor. With or without ancillary lights and other ornamentation, these standalone décor items bespeak the festive occasion and save time and money.

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Taking the Christmas Spirit Outdoors

How often have you walked up to a home in December, only to be greeted with a lavishly decorated interior that speaks of the up and coming Christmas holiday? Frequently it appears as though ideas for outside Christmas decorating went by the wayside since the Christmas spirit abruptly ends at the doorstep.

There is no need to cut off the décor at the welcome mat; in fact, outdoor decorations provide a visually pleasing transition that hint at the things to come inside, while greatly making the home’s exterior look so much more attractive.

Festive Outdoor Decorations

Triple Hanging Christmas Wreath - Outside Christmas Decorating Ideas

Triple Hanging Christmas Wreath via decorandthedog (Outside Christmas Decorating Ideas)

Pre-lit Topiaries and Artificial Trees

A small pre-lit topiary is a common sight on office desks, but did you know that these décor items have larger counterparts that do well outside? Made from sturdy plastic and created to mimic firs, spruce trees or any other evergreen, these trees feature outdoor lights that survive even rain- and snowstorms.

Some come not only pre-lit but also pre-decorated with color-coordinated ornaments and bows. Run a discrete outdoor-grade extension cord to an exterior outlet to power the trees. Be sure to anchor pre-lit topiaries so they withstand high winds or sudden gusts. A good time to look for these outdoor décor items is the Cyber Monday sale after Thanksgiving.

Outdoor Nativity Sets

Made from resins or plastic, featuring lights or sounds and some even allowing for movement, outdoor nativity sets come in all sizes. Opt for a six-foot-tall display of the magi and their animals, choose a 15-person scene that includes shepherds as well as the holy family or instead choose one of the smaller three-person displays that feature only the traditional Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in the manger. These outdoor nativity sets make for a great focal display in the front yard.


Christmas silhouettes showcase a secular or religious aspect of the holiday. Whether they are in the shapes of snowmen, Santa Claus, presents, nativity scenes, Christmas trees, reindeer or just the script of “Merry Christmas” or “Noel,” their colorful lights spruce up any dark exterior.

The homeowner should take care when sizing the outdoor decorations: some measure four by four feet, while others may be as tall as 12 feet. Due to the sizes of these decorations, they can be useful for the roof, a somewhat bland side wall or as a focal point in the front yard. Secure anchoring is a must.

These three must-know ideas for outside Christmas decorating greatly augment the standard fare of wreaths, rope lights and poinsettia plants. Please remember that the use of too many focal points results in an aesthetically troubling display; instead, concentrate on one central feature that the other decorations support. Follow these suggestions, and this year’s Christmas holiday is indeed certain to be a jolly one in your front yard!


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