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8 Awesome Porch Ceiling Ideas to Transform Your Porch

It used to be the porch was a place for the mailbox. You could step out onto it to greet a guest into your home.

Now, porches are an extension of the home. They are living spaces that allow you to go beyond the four walls of your home.

Porches now have comfortable furniture and outdoor kitchens even. They have decorated spaces that are inviting and comfortable.

The porch ceiling is a part of that space.

image - 8 Awesome Porch Ceiling Ideas to Transform Your Porch
8 Awesome Porch Ceiling Ideas to Transform Your Porch

Have you ever given any thought to porch ceiling ideas? If not, you should. You’d be surprised how intentional design for your porch ceiling can give the space a finished look.

Read on to learn about several porch ceiling ideas to use on your covered porch.

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1. Beadboard Ceiling

Do you like cottage style? Do you want your porch to be reminiscent of a vacation cottage?

Instead of basic wood like plywood for your porch ceiling, instead, consider beadboard. Beadboard is similar to a tongue and groove style but likely less expensive.

It also gives the porch ceiling architectural interest at the ceiling height. Many who use beadboard choose to paint it. You could go with a neutral like white paint.

Another fun idea is to paint it a soft blue. Then the porch ceiling looks like an extension of the sky beyond the porch.

2. Add Moldings

Your porch is an additional living space extended beyond the interior of your home. Treat it as such.

You use beautiful decorative moldings on the interior of your home. Why not do the same on your porch?

Consider adding crown molding around the edges of your porch ceiling. It finishes those ceiling and wall edges. It also adds a level of sophistication to your porch ceiling.

The moldings give the appearance that this truly is an outdoor living room.

3. Create Sections in the Ceiling

Are you lucky enough to have a large covered porch? Or maybe you have a long porch that runs across the width of your home.

It’s likely you have created designated living areas within the porch. Maybe you have a small gas fireplace on your porch. Then you have an eating area and a lounging area.

If you have created living areas with rugs and furniture, consider doing the same with your ceiling.

Use additional moldings to create a definition in your porch ceiling. If your porch ceilings are high, consider tray or coffered ceiling details to add definition to the areas.

4. Lighting

If you want your porch to be a true living space, then you need to think about lighting for the space.

Outdoor lighting options are the rage in porch design. Any big box or home improvement store offers an abundance of options for adding lighting to your porch ceiling.

While string lights are the rage in outdoor living, there are other options too. If you are lucky enough to have electricity on your porch, consider ceiling-mounted decorative lighting.

If you don’t have electricity, you can take advantage of the battery and solar lights to add lighting to your porch ceiling.

5. Ceiling Fans

You can’t even think about your porch ceiling without considering adding ceiling fans. When are you most out on your porch? The weather is warm, you are taking advantage of enjoying the outdoor living space.

A ceiling fan not only adds a layer of comfort by keeping the air moving around you, but it also adds some design features too.

It’s nice to have the air moving and gently blowing on you while you enjoy your morning coffee on the porch. Or maybe your family likes to dine al fresco on the porch. Turn on the fans for adding comfort and ambiance.

If you have an issue with bugs, the moving air also helps to keep them at bay.

Ceiling fans come in as many styles as there are home decor options. Whether you like a coastal, traditional, contemporary, or beachy vibe, there is a ceiling fan to match your style.

Try one of these outdoor ceiling fans as part of your porch decor.

6. Ceiling Design Features

If you are building your porch now, and are going through the design process, you have time to think about what you want your porch ceiling to look like.

Coffered and tray ceilings were already mentioned.

If you are in the design phase, you might consider a vaulted porch ceiling. Vaulted or open ceilings are open and create the illusion the space is even bigger. You get the advantages of being covered, yet still, feel the openness of being outside.

If you are extending a porch from a roofline and want to cover up, consider a drop ceiling. Be sure to plan ahead and think about electrical options so you can add fans and lighting to your porch too.

7. Open Beams

No matter the height of your porch ceiling, adding beams adds architectural interest.

If you have a vaulted open-air porch ceiling, you might find the beams are not only there for interest but support too.

You can also add beams for a decorative touch. Like you would on an interior, add rustic beams for interest so they become part of the decor aesthetic.

8. Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Tongue and groove ceilings are similar to the look of beadboard that was already mentioned. Yet, it has a little more architectural interest. It also doesn’t come in one solid piece and may be easier to install on your porch ceiling.

Your tongue and groove ceiling has as many options for looks as there are paint and stain colors.

Extend Your Living Space With These Porch Ceiling Ideas

Are you ready to create an outdoor living space on your porch? Use one or more of these porch ceiling ideas to help finish the porch and make it as inviting as an indoor space.

For more design articles and ideas like this one, be sure to visit our page often.