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LED Light Fixtures for Basement and Garages

Lighting being an essential component of any infrastructure requires special evaluation and it must match the ambiance of the place.

For task areas like garages, basements workshops, etc it is important that the light infrastructure must provide bright and focused light.

Garages and basements share one similarity and that is having no external or natural source of light.

These spaces are severe as excellent work or storage spaces and for that very reason, they require a powerful enough light source that can illuminate every corner of the room.

A good lighting setup has basic requirements like efficiency, ambiance, and swift control over the type of lighting which is only accessible with the use of LED light fixtures.

image - LED Light Fixtures for Basement and Garages
LED Light Fixtures for Basement and Garages

What are LED Light Fixtures?

Light fixtures which make use of LED lamps instead of traditional options like HID, HPS, fluorescent, or CFL lamps are LED light fixtures. These fixtures are available in two different types which are:

Retrofit LED Light Fixtures

These are a cheaper alternative to upgrading outdated or inefficient fixtures. The lamps have the same specifications as those of traditional lamps so the fitting is easy.

The upgrade brings efficient and ambient lighting without any extra cost for the fixture.

Integrated LED Lamps

For LED light fixtures with integrated LED they are highly specific and have LED chips installed that produce light. The light source is protected by a lens and the fixture is IP rated for safety and efficiency.

Both choices are efficient and allow the user to select according to their feasibility while providing extremely efficient results in comparison to traditional lamps.

LED Light Fixtures for Garages/ Basements

For closed spaces or one with no external outlet, it is essential to have fixtures that must comply with the environment temperature and other elements present in the atmosphere.

For task spaces, the usual environmental elements are fumes, dirt, moisture which affect the working of usual fixtures directly.

But LED light fixtures are IP rated which means they are essentially safe and the presence of these elements does not affect the working of the fixture. To read more about the type of light fixtures which work in garages and basements check this link.

The usual garage lighting fixtures are:

LED Shop Lights

LED shop lights are evidently a smart innovation for task areas. These are linear light fixtures for shops or task spaces.

They carry integrated LED lamps but are also available in retrofit options. This light is the swiftest fixture for such areas as the lamp is affixed and the fixture is lightweight, easy to carry around.

There are mounting brackets present on the frame of the fixture which allow two mounting options,e suspend mounting and surface mounting.

Some LED shop lights are also available in smaller sizes and plug n play options which makes them further suitable for task areas.

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LED Wraparound Lights

Wraparound light fixtures are one of the most innovative light fixtures for such areas. These light fixtures are excellent for low ceiling basements or garages. This light fixture is linear and has a 3-way glass/acrylic cover.

It is easily the most efficient light fixture because of its specifications. This fixture is flush with the ceiling surface and due to the wider beam angle, it can easily fill more area with light.

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are another recommended fixture for garages. These are efficient and considerably cheaper light fixtures for garages and help create a very uniform lighting layout for work zones.

A strip light fixture is singular, linear, and easy to install. The length of the strip varies and is pretty efficient to place over task zones or storage shelves for some extra light.

LED Bar Lights

LED bar lights are actual bar-shaped light fixtures for such spaces. The bar varies in length and width and is quite easy to install under cabinets over task areas.

LED bar lights are available in several configurations which allow the user to choose from a range of options.

LED High Bays

LED high bay lights are specifically for high bay areas but UFO high bay lights which are particularly smaller and round in shape differ from linear high bay lights.

UFO high bay got its name from its round saucer-like shape. These light fixtures are quite suitable for spaces with ceiling heights around 20-25 feet and specifically garages.

They are the most powerful lighting option hence not the best fit for lower ceiling areas. The light spread is even and under a specific beam angle which is quite adjustable with the help of reflectors.

These light fixtures have hooks available on top of the housing through which they can suspend from any height with the help of a cord or chain.

All LED light fixtures offer maximum efficiency in their own ways and must be selected based on the layout of the space. They offer similar advantages over traditional lamps i.e

Higher Lumen Output

LED produces more lumens, which is a measure of brightness. It is uniform and directional so no amount of light is wasted in the surroundings.

Energy Efficiency

These lamps are highly energy efficient in some ways which give them leverage over traditional options.

A usual lamp requires about half of the power to create double the amount of light from that of a traditional lamp. It helps save up a lot of energy in the long run.

They have a built-in heatsink that dissipates heat efficiently and keeps the fixture cool and functional for longer hours. The startup instantly and allow configuration which makes access to efficient lighting easier.

Smart Lighting Control

LED lights also allow integration of smart features that make the lighting ambient and more user friendly such as they are dimmable, they also have switchable CCT (correlated color temperature) over a Kelvin scale ranging from 2500K to 6000K which can produce warm yellow to bright white light.

They also have motion sensors so the light switches off when not in use which allows smart usage.

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