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How to Setup LED Lights: 8 Awesome Ideas for the Living Room

Are you a homeowner? If so, then you appreciate the value of adding small touches that can increase the charm and beauty of your living environment.

When it comes to your interior space, one of the fastest and least expensive ways to improve the atmosphere in your home is to add LED lights. So if you’ve been wanting to learn how to set up LED lights, you’ve definitely come to the right place for answers.

image - How to Setup LED Lights: 8 Awesome Ideas for the Living Room
How to Setup LED Lights: 8 Awesome Ideas for the Living Room

This article takes a look at how to set up LED strip lights in your living room.

Keep reading to get some amazing ideas that will help take the interior quality of your home to the next level.

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1. Along Stairs

Stairs are generally one of the least appreciated areas of a home. Sure, you use them to get from one level of your house to another, but probably rarely give them a second thought. This is unfortunate.

After all, the stairs in your house present a great opportunity to add dimension while creating a feeling of flow.

The key is to add strip lights below the railing or underneath the stair treads. This creates a sleek look that is both beautiful and practical given that it makes navigating the stairs at night much less dangerous.

Strip lights on your stairs also allow you to see where you’re going at night without having to blind yourself by turning on the overhead lights.

2. Around Furniture

When it comes to enhancing the furniture in your living room with strip lights, you have plenty of options for being as creative as you wish.

For starters, take a look at pieces such as sofas and armchairs. These are areas where you can add warmth and dimension quickly and easily.

This type of lighting also makes it easy to find items on the floor like drinking glasses and the TV remote without having to grope blindly in the dark or turn on the overhead light.

Simply place a strip light on the floor beneath a sofa to create a warm glow that is pleasing to the eye yet unobtrusive.

You can also use strip lighting to update the look of a table. This is especially great when hosting parties where you want guests to be able to navigate the kitchen or dining room without needing to have every light in the house on at the same time.

LED lights can also be useful in bedrooms, especially for families with small children.

After all, you likely spend a lot of time getting in and out of bed to use the restroom and to check on a sleeping baby in a crib down the hall. A strip light will make this experience seem far less perilous.

3. Shelving

Living room shelving is another aspect of home decor that tends to be neglected. And yet your shelving can be a thing of great beauty.

Due to the fact that shelving doesn’t always seem sexy and thus easily fades into the background in a room, you have to make an effort to add dimension and personality so that your shelving will really pop.

LED strip lights are ideal for showcasing artwork, books, collectibles, and other knickknacks that might otherwise simply be relegated to gathering dust in the shadows.

This is an easy way to create areas of interest in a room that would typically just look flat and uninviting.

4. Around Mirrors and Picture Frames

The same is true for mirror and picture frames. After all, these are decorative elements that can really pop with just a bit of help from a carefully placed light source.

Many people use mirrors to create the illusion of space in small rooms, and LED strip lights can add an even greater visual enhancement.

And while picture frames are often lovely pieces on their own, a strip light can add dimension, drama, and really bring out every exquisite detail.

5. Cabinets

Do you have cabinets in your living room? Many homes do, and they can definitely benefit from a strategically placed light source such as an LED strip light.

This is obviously true of any room in your house, including the kitchen, the family room, the garage, or even in your bedroom.

And you don’t have to be limited to cabinets. You can also enhance armors and other major pieces of furniture that feature doors, counter space, shelves, and overhang space where you can install strip lights.

6. Inside Drawers

You probably give very little thought to the interior space of your drawers. This includes dresser drawers in bedrooms, kitchen cabinets, and even desk drawers in the various rooms throughout the house.

And yet adding LED lights in drawers is a nice touch and makes locates the contents much easier.

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7. Around Doors

Now let’s discuss the doors inside your home for a moment. Adding LED strip lights is a great way to enhance every doorway by creating a romantic glow that will always put a smile on your face.

Doors are often very easy to overlook because you pass through them many times each day. And yet this is exactly why you should give them the attention they deserve.

By upgrading the aesthetic appeal of your doors, you will find that you will appreciate the passage between rooms to be a much memorable and pleasurable experience.

8. Ceiling Coving and Cornice

Take a moment to look up at your ceiling. Perhaps you haven’t done that in a while. And yet your ceiling presents plenty of opportunities to improve the aesthetic of your home.

LED lights are a convenient and inexpensive way to add subtle accent light to your living room. This is especially true in rooms with coving and cornice.

The key is to add just enough to increase the ambiance in the room with a nice soft touch without overwhelming the space with the extra light.

A Guide to How to Set Up LED Lights in Your Home

There’s really nothing more fun than increasing the visual appeal of interior space. Fortunately, these tips for how to set up LED lights in your living room will help you create the type of living environment that you’ve always dreamed of.

Keep scrolling to discover more great home improvement ideas on our blog.

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