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How to Choose the Perfect Exterior Light Fixtures

When it comes to choosing the perfect exterior lighting fixtures for your home, choosing the right lighting fixtures can make all the difference between a poorly finished home and an excellent one.

Usually, this is one of the first things people see when they come to your home, and it always leaves an impression for your guests to go with.

image - How to Choose the Perfect Exterior Light Fixtures
How to Choose the Perfect Exterior Light Fixtures

You do not want them to not think highly of your sense of taste and excellence, and at the same time, you do not want to pay so much attention to what people think that you forgo the basics of great lighting for your outside space.

So, we want to eliminate a dark, dreary front porch, and go for the best at the same time.

Sounds tricky? This article was written to help you have an inviting entryway that is smartened up with the perfect exterior light fixtures.

If this is all sounding too difficult, contact your electrician in Sydney for professional help.

If you’d like to have that then read on.

When it comes to choosing the perfect exterior light fixtures, you have many factors to consider to make it work out great.

We’re looking at selecting an appropriate size, color, style, mounting height and amount of illumination. These are all factors that come together to give you the welcoming exterior light you dream of.

So, just how do you go about this? below, we will show you how to pick the perfect exterior lighting fixtures to enhance and beautify your outer space.

Here are the things to consider when selecting your outdoor light fixtures:

1. Size

The first thing to consider when selecting your outdoor light fixtures is size. You must try to strike a balance between lighting that illuminates a good portion of your outside space without taking over the entire exterior.

Lighting that is too large for your exterior can make your home look rather small and dwarf-like.

Of course, the size will vary depending on your location. A driveway or side yard may need larger lighting, but the lights for your door do not need to be that large.

In entryway fixtures, we have a popular rule of thumb: select a fixture that is approximately 1/3 or ¼ of the height of your front door.

2. Illumination

When you talk of lighting, the main goal of it is to brighten your space. That is without looking domineering. Like we have examined above, this mostly depends on the purpose of the lighting as well as the location.

Your driveway or side yard will need lighting with brighter bulbs or utility fixtures to maximize illumination.

Your front door and porch will do well with smaller fixtures to give it that soft gleam and cozy atmosphere.

We also recommend that you go for longer-lasting LED bulbs since these are for exterior lighting fixtures. A lot of the work needed can be complete by yourself or emergency electricians within your region.

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3. Color and Style

Yes, we want to be practical, but we also want to stay in style.

After you have considered the size foe your exterior light fixtures, the next thing up close should be choosing your style or aesthetics. Go for light fixtures that match your existing style scheme.

If for instance, your home has gold brass fixtures or doorknobs, pairing these components with light fixtures of the same kind of material will create a more complete and complementary finish.

4. Mounting Height

One thing you cannot ignore in your exterior lighting fixtures is the mounting height of your lighting.

The height of your lighting fixture is also imperative to help you achieve your desired appeal for your exterior.

For most applications that are mounted on the wall, lights that are at aye-level are most pleasing to the sight.

This is usually 66 to 72 inches above the floor for most entries, front doors, and garage lights.

5. Placement

In addition to size, style, height, and illumination, you need to have proper location because the proper placement of all these is what brings everything together to create that magic you have in mind.

Front doors or entryways should make use of two fixtures outlaying the door.

For a huge garage, placement is going to be dependent on the size and number of stalls for your garage.

A two-car garage that has separate doors will look more attractive with about three lights spaced on the right side, left, and center column of the garage.

Here are a few lighting types we recommend for your exterior fixtures:

  • Outdoor wall sconces: this will light up your front doors, entryways, and stoops and they work well to illuminate your side entry as well.
  • Post lights: these are standalone fixtures and they work well for marking a yard perimeter or illuminating your walkway.
  • Outdoor chandeliers: these add an element of elegance to your deck if you have room to spare.
  • Outdoor table lamps: these are best for back porches and open patios and can create the perfect mood when dimmed.

Now you know how to choose the perfect exterior light fixture, go ahead and create the magic you desire.

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