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The Benefit of Steel Buildings Vs Wood

Throughout the years, steel buildings have become popular because of the benefits and advantages that it offers. It’s used for several purposes, such as building houses, storage shed, workspaces, living accommodation, garage, agricultural building, and even skyscrapers that creates a distinctive design that only steel can do.

image - The Benefit of Steel Buildings Vs Wood
The Benefit of Steel Buildings Vs Wood

A steel building is a metal construction manufactured with steel for internal support and external cladding. Although wood is one of the longest existing building materials, which existed 10,000 years ago, the discovery of steel has changed and improved the way wood is used in building constructions.

Listed below are some of the benefits of using steel in building constructions instead of any construction materials, like wood:

Durability and Versatility

One of the benefits of using steel in building constructions is their durability. Since steel is a compound metal that’s made of iron and carbon, it’s highly impenetrable and can withstand unfavorable weather conditions and natural calamities, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, heavy snow, and high-speed winds.

They can also withstand the test of time and can last for more decades without showing too much damage, such as cracks. It’s also resistant to mold, mildew, termites, bug, and wood ants. Furthermore, steel is non-combustible, so it doesn’t spread flames.

Steel is also the best option to purchase in the residential construction market because of its versatility. It can be shaped and molded into different shapes, from basic geometry to a complex design. It permits the architect and designer’s expressive imagination to run wild because it can be deformed into slender designs that wood and concrete can’t do.

In addition, steel allows the construction of skyscrapers. An example of this is the world’s tallest skyscraper in Dubai, BurjKhalifa, which is 829.8 meters tall and has 163 floors.

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Low-Cost Production

Far from other construction materials, like wood, concrete, and brick, steel is far less costly because of its prefabricated construction.

There will be reduced hours of paid labor as it only requires fastening, welding, and cutting for fewer workers and less equipment hire and street blocking fees to save time and ensure site safety. Also, the income lost during the building construction will be reduced as it’ll be built faster.

Since steel is durable and can last for years without damage, warranty callbacks are reduced and the materials that were used don’t need to be fixed from time to time.

Pulling off and getting rid of discarded materials are narrowed down and there are also discounts on risk insurance that you’ll benefit from.


Almost 3.5 billion to 7 billion trees are being cut down every year, and 50 trees are used to create one single wooden garage. If you’re looking for a material that can also be beneficial for the environment, the usage of steel is the best option.

Steel is 100% recyclable and can be used again for other purposes without losing its strength and physical properties. It also decreases carbon footprints and doesn’t emit toxic fumes.

Using recycled steels as high lumber costs are being diminished and conserve natural resources, such as trees. In addition, 80 million tons of steel are being recycled every year, thus it’s considered as the world’s most recycled product.

Time Saver

Another great feature of steel construction is that it can be pre-engineered to save your time. The main units are being assembled and delivered on their exact location to have the building erected.

Because the production process is high-quality controlled, human errors will be diminished when cutting and measuring the materials. The time spent to measure and assemble the materials will also be reduced.

Steel is also lighter than wood, making it easy to construct. Although steel weighs more than wood because of its density, using steel as framing makes it 50% lighter than wood because of the steel l-beams design.

image - Steel Buildings


Using steel in construction works has many benefits that should be considered. It’s way stronger than wood, and it’s also flexible, which means that it can be designed in any way you want.

Steel is also easy to construct. Most importantly, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly material, steel is a perfect option.

Without steel, a city could’ve been wiped out by the hurricane, or engulfed by fire. If steel wasn’t used in constructions, buildings were destroyed every time an earthquake will occur, and several trees are marked down to be used in construction works.

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