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Benefits of Having a Portaloo On Rent During Construction

You’re about to bore a hole in the ground, and suddenly, the urge to take a whiz surrounds you from both corners.

You put the drill machine down and wonder, “Is there a toilet nearby?” Yes, there is, but it’s 10 miles away from your construction site. And by the time you may reach, your bladder will explode.

Indeed, you’re in a pee-bit situation – pun intended.

image - Benefits of Having a Portaloo On Rent During Construction
Benefits of Having a Portaloo On Rent During Construction

The Band-Aid Approach? Portable Toilet Rentals!

The construction site is a location that has a lot of action and crowd at all times. Various laborers and contractors, along with vendors, make their way to and from the site often.

With such strenuous hours of working, it’s essential to provide laborers with adequate on-location bathroom facilities. Renting a portaloo is an ideal solution. It breaks the ice of “pressure” and offers workers several benefits.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself. Below are some benefits of renting portable toilets on construction sites.

1. Convenience

To save the expense of portable rental toilets, some companies believe it should be upon the construction workers to discover a public restroom when they need to use the loo while on the job.

For a moment, put yourself in a worker’s shoes. It can be inconvenient for you, especially if there are no such facilities nearby you can use.

Therefore, on-site portable toilets allow the workers to stay on the job site and head back to work when they’re done using the bathroom.

Furthermore, if you’re searching for a company that offers portable rental restrooms, SaniCan is the perfect one to approach.

With a bit of effort, you can go through the types of portable toilets for rent from American SaniCan and get a few of them for your construction site. Therefore, no more running around the workplace in an uncomfortable state!

2. Water Source

It may seem like a shocking moment when you realize portable bathrooms don’t have a flusher – but hear us out.

Portable bathrooms hoard waste material in septic tanks, which require regular cleaning and replacements to maintain proper cleanliness.

Since they do not rely on flushing the waste, they’re a perfect fit for far-fetched areas where water sources are rare.

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3. Privacy

No organization should expect the client to let the construction staff have access to their private bathrooms.

The dust, debris, and noise of a building project can be unsettling enough for the purchaser without the added stress of having strangers coming in and out of their space.

With a portable toilet rental and hand wash station outside, the construction crew can take care of their needs without disrupting the client’s privacy and routine. A win-win on both sides!

4. Emergencies

Some emergencies can also highlight the need to have a temporary portable toilet. Let’s suppose the construction site does have a toilet, and it runs on a septic tank, which means it could require service at any time.

If you cannot get it serviced right away, your bathrooms could be out of order for many days. You might even need to purchase an all-new septic tank, which could render your bathrooms useless for additional days.

In such a situation, a portable toilet comes in handy. Having a rental toilet placed near the construction site is the best way to provide the crew with a temporary bathroom.

5. Legal Necessities

Getting a portaloo installed at the construction site keeps you in compliance with the standards set forth by the OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The organization also demands all construction locations to offer separate bathroom facilities for both females and males.

6. Increased Productivity Levels

Linked to the above, if the staff goes off-site to use bathrooms, this counts as the “time spent away from their job.” Spending more time traveling to use the loo (with the chance of even more distractions along the way) instead of working is a red flag.

Providing adequate and appropriate facilities means you can walk right to an on-site toilet and be back on the job instantly! It also shows a sign of admiration for your workers.

A sign that you respect their welfare needs helps boost their productivity levels and commitment to work. Happier, more content, more productive!

7. Sanitation and Safety Ensured!

When you rent a portable toilet at the construction site, you have the upper hand to make the entire site clean and safe for the workers.

Hence, you can even call your clients and anyone else to give the site a visit without having second thoughts. Nobody at the construction site will be open to harmful diseases, bacteria, and microorganisms.

The Verdict: All Hail On-site Rental Toilets!

An underrated statement: Portable toilets can literally save lives!

Whether you’re planning a heavy project or a minor home renovation, make sure your workers’ sanitary needs are met.

The benefits that result from offering these services far outweigh the price of not having them present on the construction site.

Don’t wait for your staff to lose their self-esteem just because they can’t find a decent spot to do their business and make room for some improvements – rental toilets!