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Top 5 Bathroom Trends of 2020

Architecture and home decorating go through trends just like clothing. But when it comes to the quality of life, your surroundings have a far greater impact than what you’re wearing, especially when it comes to your bathroom. So here are our top 5 bathroom trends of 2020.

image - Top 5 Bathroom Trends of 2020
Top 5 Bathroom Trends

Reinvent Your Bathroom Mirror

A bathroom mirror is a staple, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change it up. A popular design trend at the moment is mirroring with rounded corners.

Another is recessed lighting, which can be built into or placed just above the mirror. This type of lighting provides just the right amount of light without overpowering your bathroom.

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A Touch of Opulence

We can’t all afford marble counters in the bathroom. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of luxury. Consider a mirror with bronze or gilded gold edges and match it to your hardware and faucets.

As well as aesthetic upgrades, consider functional upgrades such as putting in touchless faucets or wide handles in place of knobs.

Walk-in Showers

These days it’s becoming increasingly common to remove bathtubs for walk-in showers. Walk-in showers can make your space feel much more open, especially if you have it enclosed with glass instead of tile walls. If you don’t have room for a walk-in shower, consider a frameless shower-screen.

A frameless shower-screen has no outer hardware, so when you enter into your bathroom your focus will instead be drawn to the decorative elements of the bathroom, whether that’s the color scheme or the decorative border on the mirrors.

Wall-Mounted Toilets

Wall-mounted toilets hide away the water reservoir in the wall. This won’t free up much space in the average bathroom, but many consider it an aesthetic upgrade.

These toilets can be somewhat larger than the standard commode, allowing you to accommodate someone who has less mobility. These toilets are also much easier and accessible to clean.

Console Sinks

Console sinks are starting to appear more and more in new apartments. The console sink typically exposes some of the plumbing under the sink, which can be used as a towel rack. It also saves a lot of space. The console sink is a mix between a conventional recessed sink and an elevated basin design.

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