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How to Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

Going eco-friendly is becoming more and more important. The intent is focused on not causing harm to the environment by preventing or even minimising interactions that can lead to its deterioration.

It extends to actions that impact how communities, entities, and individuals conduct themselves for the purpose of preserving our planet for future generations.

image - How to Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly
How to Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

In recent years, with so many new eco-friendly products hitting the market, going green at home has never been easier. Yet, one room that often gets overlooked is the bathroom.

Aside from being unpleasant to look at, an outdated bathroom can also be quite harmful to the environment.

Old faucets and toilets tend to leak, thereby wasting tons of water. In addition, surface materials are not as sustainable and water heaters use a lot more energy than required.

So, how can you make your bathroom eco-friendly and promote good health while keeping up with trends?

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  1. Install an Aerator

Even the simplest measures, such as installing an aerator, can make a huge difference. An aerator is an inexpensive fixture that can be attached to your bathroom faucet or showerhead. It restricts water flow, thereby reducing water waste and saving on your water bill.

  1. Switch to More Eco-friendly Lighting Options

LEDs or CFLs are extremely efficient, long-lasting light bulbs. Especially in the bathroom, switching to more eco-friendly lighting options can help you to save energy because they use less power, yet deliver the same amount of lighting.

  1. Use Efficient Water Heaters

All water heaters use some sort of fuel for energy. However, a solar hot-water system, which converts sunlight into electricity, is a reliable and eco-friendly solution to heat water.

In fact, findings show that it can provide 50-90% of an Australian household’s hot water needs. And with Australia being known for its sunny, Mediterranean-style climate, why not use what is readily available?

  1. Consider More Cost-effective Heating Options

Radiators utilise a staggering amount of energy, which is why it is completely unnecessary to use them, especially in smaller bathrooms. Underfloor heating and heated towel rails – to name a few – are more cost-effective heating options worth considering.

  1. Add Some Greenery

In every bathroom, dealing with humidity and fumes from the chemicals in cleaning products is inevitable. For this reason, adding some greenery, such as ferns, can help to purify the air by removing toxins such as ammonia and benzene.

  1. Consider Recycled Tile

If it is time to remodel your bathroom, you can easily find selections made from recycled content. In fact, bathroom tiles made from eco-friendly concrete, reclaimed wood, bamboo, or cork are just a few options on the market that are increasingly available.

  1. Look for Green Materials

Every now and then, your bathroom may cry out for a whole new look or a few changes here and there. The great thing about modern living is that there are so many eco-friendly products at your disposal.

Green materials for bathroom accessories, such as shower curtains and bath mats, are a great way to create a fresh look that is green-friendly and chic.

  1. Opt for More Natural Cleaning Products

When it comes time to clean your bathroom, you may choose to go straight for the bleach-based products because of their antibacterial and antifungal properties. However, there are several natural and eco-friendly cleaning products available that are non-toxic and safe for use on all surfaces.

With the aforementioned options in mind, you have the opportunity to make a considerable difference to the long-term sustainability of your bathroom. This, in turn, will reflect across your entire home and lessen your environmental footprint. Go green!

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