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How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost in Australia?

Plantation shutters, also known as window shutters, are characterised by their adjustable louvres, which can be widely opened like doors.

They feature an exclusive clear-tilt mechanism, specifically designed to allow effortless operation and effective insulation without compromising on style and look.

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Window Shutters

Nowadays, plantation shutters are being recognised for their potential as a long-term investment in replacing traditional window treatments due to their aesthetic appeal and insulating capability.

Unlike blinds and curtains, their ability to keep a room cool in the summer and warm during the winter makes them invaluable to homeowners and business owners alike.

At Modern Group, we offer many different types of plantation shutters, all of which are built to last both physically and aesthetically. These include:

  • Fixed plantations;
  • Hinged plantations;
  • Bi-fold plantations;
  • Sliding plantations;
  • Insulite plantations;

Seeing as how there is a huge number of plantation shutters on the market, you may be wondering where to start. Should you look at the benefits first or perhaps the cost?

The answer is both.

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The benefits of Plantation Shutters

When choosing plantation shutters, recognising their potential in shaping the look, feel, and convenience of your home or business is a must. Some of the benefits that plantation shutters have to offer include:

  • Style – Plantation shutters are considered to be some of the most sophisticated and striking window treatments available in today’s market. While trends come and go and style evolves, their timeless elegance will remain.
  • Insulation – It has been found that plantation shutters can cut air-conditioning and heating costs by up to 25%. For this reason, their insulation ability will actually save you money in the long run.
  • Maintenance – Plantation shutters are extremely easy to maintain. All they require is a cloth and an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down and clean the louvres.
  • Privacy – Plantation shutters allow you to control the air and light coming into a room without compromising your privacy.
  • Durability– Plantation shutters are designed from sturdy and long-lasting materials, making them an excellent long-term investment.

The cost of Plantation Shutters

The cost of plantation shutters is dependent on a number of factors, including:

  • The size of your windows – Seeing as how plantation shutters can be customised to fit various types of window sizes, the price varies depending on the dimensions of your window(s).
  • The type of shutters –Plantation shutters that are more detailed or mechanised are higher in cost. For instance, bi-fold and sliding shutters typically cost more than fixed shutters because there is a greater level of the mechanism involved.
  • The type of material used – Quality tends to fall with a price. This means that if you are shopping around for plantation shutters at the cheapest cost, then you need to be aware that you will most likely find ones made from low-quality materials.

According to ServiceSeeking.com.au, the average cost of installing or replacing plantation shutters with new ones ranges from around $250 – $500 per square meter, including the installation.

The majority of professional installers charge between $70 – $100 per hour if the installation is arranged separately; however, it is far more common to arrange for the installation at the same time and from the same company.

Modern Plantation Shutters

With years spent researching and testing out different plantation shutters, a good quality plantation shutter supplier what works best and what lasts.

Whether you are in the market for the look of a timeless design or an energy-savings solution, they will offer superior quality plantation shutters that will be the perfect addition to your home or business.

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