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When Is the Best Time of the Year to Install Replacement Windows?

We all take our home’s windows for granted. Our windows protect us from the weather, extreme temperatures, and outdoor noise.

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When Is the Best Time of the Year to Install Replacement Windows?

We don’t notice our windows when they’re in working order, but as soon as something’s wrong they’re all we can think about. If you start feeling drafts and spending more on utility bills, you probably need new windows.

But if windows protect us from the elements, when is it safe to install replacement windows?

If your window replacement isn’t an emergency, you can choose when to get a new window. Keep reading to find out the best time of year to install new windows.

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The Best Time to Install Replacement Windows

The ideal time to get new windows is in early fall or late spring. In most regions in the U.S., the weather is usually mild during this time of year. The better the weather is, the less disruptive the window installation will be.

Mild weather will also keep your home more comfortable during installation. During summer or winter installation, the outdoor air can make your home’s HVAC system work harder and raise your utility bill.

Window frames also respond better to mild temperatures. Hot and cold temperatures make wood-framed windows expand and contract. Vinyl frames can also become brittle and break in cold temperatures.

Mild temperatures are also better for caulk application. Caulk is an important part of the installation process because it seals the spaces around the window and keeps out air and water.

If the caulk is applied in weather that’s too cold, it can crack later on. When a window contracts in cold temperatures, it will pull at the caulk and make it split apart. Latex caulk can even freeze at temperatures below 40 degrees.

Summer and Winter Installation

Summer can bring rainstorms and hot temperatures. Winter often means snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. Windows can’t be installed while it’s raining or snowing. This can limit when you can get a window replaced.

Extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) can make window installation more challenging. But, a skilled Window Contractor can install windows in all seasons.

If a window must be installed in extreme temperatures, it’s best to use a silicone caulk. It can handle temperature shifts, which makes it a great choice for window installation.

Tips for Better Installation in All Seasons

If you need a window replaced in the winter, ask your contractor to use plastic sheeting or a zip wall. This will keep the rest of your home warm during installation.

You can also provide drop cloths to protect your floors while the window is being installed.

Before your contractor arrives, clean the area around the window. Clean up rainwater, snow, insects, or pollen from the edges of the window. This will keep debris out of your home and improve the caulk’s seal.

Upgrade Your Windows Today

It’s ideal to install replacement windows in the moderate temperatures of spring and fall. But, sometimes that’s just not possible.

Luckily, windows can be replaced in all seasons. It’s important to choose a contractor with an all-season installation experience.

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