What if you were overlooking the easiest home renovation of all?

When most of us imagine home renovation, we think of major projects like kitchens and bathrooms. However, you’ve likely been looking past (or should we say through?) the biggest renovation need: your windows.

image - Do You Need New Windows - 8 Signs Your Glass Has Lost Its Class

Do You Need New Windows? 8 Signs Your Glass Has Lost Its Class

Wondering how to tell if your home needs new windows? Keep reading to learn about the biggest warning signs.

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  1. Physically Worn Out

Some of the signs that you need to replace windows are more obvious than others. For example, you may have started to notice physical signs of wear and tear on and around the windows.

Rot is a sure sign that you need to replace the window. Keep in mind that wooden window frames are particularly susceptible to rot, so it’s important to keep an eye on them.

You may also notice warping on the windows. This distorts your views in and out of the house and indicates that it’s time for a replacement.

If you’re worried about replacing the windows yourself, you can always hire a professional window contractor. Be sure to find out more so you’ll know who to call!

  1. Single-Pane Blues

A window may not always be obviously damaged. However, certain qualities may indicate that it is old enough to need a replacement.

One of the biggest examples of this is the single-pane window. These are usually found in older homes and are basically an inferior window all around.

A single pane window is much likelier to let the air in and is more prone to break. Even more importantly, such windows cannot filter out UV rays. This means sunlight will eventually fade everything around that window, causing you even more problems.

Long story short? If you have any single-pane windows, it’s time to replace them with double- or even triple-pane windows to protect both you and your valuable items from UV damage.

  1. Creeping Energy Bills

Signs of old, damaged windows aren’t always found in your home. Sometimes, you can find those signs directly in your mailbox!

You should have a pretty good idea of what a “normal” energy bill looks like by now. If you get a bill that is unexpectedly high, the window(s) may be to blame.

When your window has leaks, cold air escapes in the summer and warm air escapes in the winter. This means your HVAC has to work that much harder to keep everyone comfortable.

In this case, the quicker you seal, repair, or replace your windows, the more money you will save

  1. Stiff Windows

Speaking of your HVAC, many homeowners use their windows to try to keep costs down. This includes opening your windows up to experience the breeze on a cool day, allowing you to give your air conditioner a break.

If the window sticks when you try to open it or close it, though, that is a major problem. And there are multiple potential causes.

For example, it may have simply been painted over, rendering the window hard to open. It’s also possible that your home’s foundation has shifted, and that means you have much bigger problems than the windows.

Once you rule these out, the likeliest cause is that your window frame has warped. When this happens, replacement is your easiest option.

  1. Obvious Damage

Remember when we said some of the signs would be more obvious than others? One of the most obvious signs is major damage to a window.

Things like cracks in the glass will automatically cause air to leak out of your home. Furthermore, these cracks make it easier for someone to break into your home through the window (a scary thought for any homeowner).

It’s possible to repair very light damage on your own. But if the window has any serious damage, you need to replace it as soon as possible.

  1. Getting Loud

Most of us associate our homes with peace and quiet. That’s why noises such as honking horns and blaring stereos outside can be so disruptive and annoying.

If you’ve been hearing more of these noises lately, it’s possible that your window is no longer soundproofing your home like it once did. The noise may be louder because of damage to the window, meaning that a replacement makes things quiet once more.

Of course, it’s possible your neighbors are simply making more noise than usual. In that case, a newer, soundproof window may be your ticket to a quieter home.

  1. Windy City

You don’t have to wait for the energy bills to come in to know that you have a leaky window. In some cases, all you have to do is stand near the window.

It’s a major warning sign when extra wind is getting into your home. After all, keeping the elements out is one of the main things you need your windows to do!

When you feel wind coming in, this may indicate that the window has leaks or is simply not shutting properly. This would be the perfect time to replace old windows with something more energy-efficient.

  1. Storm Survivor

Do you get a lot of serious weather in your area? In that case, you may need to replace windows sooner rather than later.

Hurricanes and other major storms can wreak major havoc on a home. Even if you don’t see obvious signs of damage, it’s very likely that your window panes have been damaged by the storm.

Once things have settled down after the storm, it’s important to replace your windows right away. If you get frequent hurricanes and storms, this is for your own safety: the next major event could destroy some of the glass and threaten your overall safety.

Do You Need New Windows? The Final Word

Now you know when you need new windows. But do you know how to save money on your other major projects?

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