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Benefits of Automatic Opening Vent System

Did you know that in emergency cases like facility fires, more than half of deaths are caused by inhaling smoke, that is, smoke poisoning?

Automatic opening vents, also known as the AOV system, are a special engineering achievement in charge of allowing this harmful smoke to be expelled outside or at least to lower its concentration.

Why is this important? Because it maximally minimizes the danger even before smoke spread through the entire building and escape routes such as staircases and halls.

image - Benefits of Automatic Opening Vent System
Benefits of Automatic Opening Vent System

What Is Actually An AOV?

AOV system is used in the building staircases such as flats or office complexes. To put it simply, the main AOV system function is to make escape routes safe in case of a fire. These systems are extracting smoke to provide safe evacuation routs of occupants.

Even if a fire penetrates and break out and fill staircases, Automatic opening vent system extract smoke out, giving occupant safe route to get out. This is possible thanks to the AOV system.

Since the stairwell ventilator is in charge of providing air replacement to the smoked area, occupants can easily get out of the building.

The Main AOV System Benefits

  • Automatic smoke expel that allows free and safe escaping routes in the case of a fire
  • Allows easy firefighters access
  • Versatile function: you can use it as ventilation
  • Transparent models can allow natural daylight to entre in inner staircases area

AOV Windows

These ventilation solutions can be integrated into the building structure. When they are triggered by smoke detectors or a heat, AOV windows open instantly, that is, automatically, allowing the natural expelling of smoke and vice versa.

Why Your Building Need AOV Windows?

Every single commercial or multiple occupancy building needs those smoke vents to channel fumes and fire smoke out of the building.

This system is automatic, as the very name suggests. They do not rely on our intervention. As soon as heat or fire smoke is detected, the AOV windows are opened.

AOV windows can definitely save lives by keeping emergency case escape routes free of smoke.

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What Building Types Need These Systems?

  • Single stair buildings: those buildings top floor is under 11m above the ground and mo more than two or three storeys above the foundation. All it takes is a small ventilator at the staircase top that can be used remotely.
  • Those with a top floor over 11m: for all buildings with a top floor over 11m, there is a legal obligation to provide escaping routs with protecting means.


Those systems do not require human attention to start extracting the smoke. They are instantly and automatically triggered in case of smoke or fire alarm.

The AOV windows open to a precise angle that naturally accelerates smoke extraction process, providing the safe routs for escaping and reducing the financial expenses caused smoke and fire. All in all, the Automatic opening vent system is definitely worth investing in.

Smoke and fire can spread in just a few seconds, and if you don’t have something similar to the AOV system, all your employees and those present in the building are life-threatened.