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7 Benefits of Window Film for Your Home

On the search for window solutions to protect your home and reduce your energy costs without having to look at full window replacement?

Look no further! This article will explain the 7 benefits of adding window film to your home that will offer you that solution.

image - 7 Benefits of Window Film for Your Home
7 Benefits of Window Film for Your Home

Keep reading to find out more about how window films can benefit your home!

Reduces Heat Gain and Loss

Window film helps block UV rays that can transfer heat into your home. Blocking the rays from coming in will reduce the number of hotspots in your home and keep it a more even temperature.

In addition to reducing heat gain, window film will prevent AC from bleeding out in the summer or heat from bleeding out in the winter.

Increase Your Energy Savings

Heat gain or loss is responsible for 25-30% of the energy cost to cool or heat the average residential home. Being able to reduce your heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter can impact your energy bill in a big way.

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Reduces Glare

If you enjoy natural light but are consistently frustrated with the glare on your TV or in your eyes, window films are a great solution. The darker the film you choose, the more you will reduce glare.

Protects Furniture and Upholstery from Fading

Adding window film is a home upgrade that also benefits your furnishings. By reducing the UV rays entering your home, you will protect your furniture, upholstery, and even cabinetry from the effects of fading.

Improves the Look of Your Home

A less expensive option to replacing your windows, window films will help enhance the look of the exterior of your home. Brightening the glass and giving it an even and newer appearance will not only increase your curb appeal but will also improve the look of your windows from inside your home.

Increases Home Security

You have a myriad of choices when it comes to window film. The tint and thickness you choose can add an increased level of security and privacy, obscuring others from seeping into your home while still allowing light in.

3 m window film like that found at tntsignatureglassdesign.com comes in a variety of styles and options.

Minimizes Risk of Damage from Breakage

Whether you worry about damage from storms or the boys playing ball next door, window films reduce the risk of shattering glass and damage from breakage. This benefit can ease your mind for security reasons as well, depending on the type of film you choose to install.

Installing Window Film is Good for Your Home

Replacing your windows is not the only solution out there to improve your home’s energy efficiency and security. Window film has many benefits that can increase your home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency, and security without the cost of full window replacement.

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