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3 Best above Ground Pool Ladders – 2019

One of the best things about summer is spending time in the pool whether at a hotel or your own home. If you have a pool that is above ground, then there are plenty of ways to make it better as you cannot have just a plain pool.

You need accessories and one of these is a ladder to help you get into the little slice of paradise you set up in your backyard.

Best above Ground Pool Ladders
3 Best Above Ground Pool Ladders – 2019 – Source: Intexpoolpumps.org

There are a few qualities to consider when choosing a ladder for your above ground pool and these include the material, the sturdiness, and the perhaps price.

There are even some models that have unique features like locks to prevent children from getting into the pool when the adults are not watching. The best ladders are made from resin or aluminum or stainless steel due to their durability, are sturdy enough to hold any weight and also give great value for money.

3 Best Above Ground Pool Ladders – 2019

Here is a list of the top 3 above ground pool ladders of 2019 and their reviews.

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  1. Confer Plastics a Frame 7200

This ladder adjusts to fit pools that are 48 to 56 inches high. It is made of hard plastic and can hold weights of up to 300 lbs. The steps are wide and anti-slip to avoid accidents. It has a barrier that rolls over the stairs when they are not in use and locks them.

This protects your children from sneaking into the pool without supervision. No matter the safety features of the stairs though, it is always advisable to keep a close watch on your children as they can be quite cunning and sneaky.

At the top of the A-Frame, 7200 is a platform that keeps the user stable. The most outstanding qualities are that even if it is light, it is durable and it is very easy to put together. You will not need too many tools to assemble this one.

To keep it from floating away, all you need to do is fill the rails at the side with water. No need to look for bricks or sand. The only downside is that this ladder will not work on an inflatable pool but at 207 dollars it really is great value for money. All these features are what make this ladder one of the best models available on the market.

  1. Confer 6000X

This is a super heavy duty ladder made from super strong vinyl resin. It is adjustable for up to 56 inches, it will not rust and the steps are anti-slip for safe entry and exit of the pool. It also includes a deck platform.

As if that is not enough, this ladder still has more to offer. The lighter rail coupled with the grey treads makes it more visible in the water. It can carry 300 lbs of weight, for increased safety, the confer 6000x has an anti-entrapment barrier, and it comes will all hardware included. There is even an option to extend this ladder all the way to 66 inches with an optional extension kit.

Customers who bought this product said it was easy to assemble, you could use water to fill it instead of sand and that at 150 dollars on amazon it was great value for money.

For a ladder that was designed with your safety in mind and nothing left to chance, it is easy to see what the confer 6000x makes it to number 2 on our list of the best ladders for your above the ground pool.

  1. Champlain Plastics Drop in Step/Ladder

This is the easiest ladder to install. Put some gravel in the weight box, attach the rails to the deck and lower it into the water. It is just one piece that you do not have to take apart or put together.

Let us take a closer look at what else the ladder has to offer.

It has steps that are anti-slip. Maximum was the top priority when designing this pool accessory. It has rails on to which you can hold and it can withstand the weight of up to 250 lbs.

It is made from hard plastic that is not only functional but stylish too. It will not be damaged by chemical and of course, it is not prone to rust. In the event that you want to turn it into an A-type ladder, there is also a provision for that.

Customers that have used this item before remarked that it was durable and held up against constant use by many people in a single day when they had a party.

Another said that she bought it for a dog and it can use it so easy to get in and out of the water.

Everyone that has used this step has only nice things to say about it. The only disadvantage was for those that had a metal deck and could not screw it on.

At only 190 dollars, with all its great features, everyone agreed that this was the greatest value for money compared to all the other products that they had seen and reviewed. This is why it tops our list of the best pool ladders on the market in 2019.

Swimming pools can be great fun, but let us not forget that they can also be a sort of tragedy. To minimize the risks involved in having a pool, it is important to get the right accessories to them.

Consider good quality items, durable materials, and the price should not matter much because safety is more important. Safety not only for your children but also for your pets and a little caution can go a long way.

Install a gate around your pool to keep those sneaky little ones away. Always secure your ladder onto your deck for extra safety and consider one with a rail for ease of access for older people and children.

I hope you consider the above ladders when shopping for your above the ground pool ladder and may it add extra fun to your days in the pool.

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