Featured of Different Types of Materials Used in Creating Beautiful Pool Surrounds

Different Types of Materials Used in Creating Beautiful Pool Surrounds

Many large residential complexes and private bungalows contain swimming pools within their premises. People want to beautify these pools by constructing the pool surrounds with suitable materials. There are a number of options available for them, as the contractors refer to many materials for various reasons.

The choice of any particular material depends on the entire house decor, a budget of the homeowner and theme design of the pool. So, it is best to consult an architect while building the pool deck that will be an enjoyable place for the residents and their guests.

Different Types of Materials Used in Creating Beautiful Pool Surrounds

Different Types of Materials Used in Creating Beautiful Pool Surrounds

Various Materials Applicable in Pool Construction Are:

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  • Brick

When the entire pool surrounds is paved with bricks, the poolside is sure to last for many years due to the high durability of the bricks. This brick construction is made stronger with the use of mortar or cement while laying the bricks on the ground.

The brick paving is available in different shades of terracotta and grey, which may be chosen according to the colour scheme used in the house exterior. It is also easiest to maintain and regular cleaning is must to avoid growth of moss.

  • Wood

Timber pool decks impart an elegant and natural look to the entire poolside. Generally, pine,  wood, cedar, redwood and cypress wood are preferred for constructing the pool surrounds.

But, wooden decks can be costlier than brick, depending on the quality of the wood used here. Moreover, wooden poolside demands frequent sealing, sanding and other maintenance work to ensure its durability.

  • Stone

Different kinds of flat stones are used for paving attractive and durable pool surrounds. Quartzite, limestone, granite, porphyry and sandstone are usually preferred for this purpose. The stone decks are slip resistant and available in various colours, shapes and sizes.

Thus, it is easier to create varieties of patterns by asserting different stones, leading to more remarkable poolside. However, some stones may be really expensive and many people tend to use fake stones that are available at cheaper rates, though lack the grandeur of original ones.

  • Concrete

Many people have the idea that concrete surface will be only of grey colour. However, now concrete pool decks are available in many stunning shades. Concrete structures are also preferred due to the high durability and cheap costs of concrete materials. Concrete decks can be maintained easily and also comfortable for the users.

There are different types of concrete available in the market, namely stamped concrete, broomed concrete and textured concrete. However, stamped concrete surface can be a bit slippery and thus not recommended for pool surrounds.

  • Pavers

Many house owners prefer to create their pathways and pool decks with pavers. These pavers may be made of concrete, stones or aggregate materials. So people find them in different colours, textures, shapes and sizes.

Exciting patterns can be created with the use of these pavers on the poolside. The pavers are easy to replace whenever required and also makes it easy to repair the plumbing lines running below the pool deck. The homeowners also prefer the pavers for affordable prices.

  • Grass

Some people like a natural look at the poolside and the grasses make the surroundings green and healthy. They purposely grow grasses all around the swimming pool, over a single layer of tiles. This type of deck is very easy to maintain and the pool water remains cleaner as well. Only the grasses need to be mowed at regular intervals.

Various Materials Applicable in Pool Construction

Various Materials Applicable in Pool Construction

All these different types of materials have their own benefits, which help the house owners in choosing according to their needs. Thus, beautiful pool surrounds can be created very easily, with the help of experienced contractors.

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