It is never a good idea to ignore the foundation of your own home, as a damaged foundation is the worst structural issue for a house. In such a situation, Foundation Waterproofing helps in protecting the structural balance by transferring load into the ground.

Foundation Waterproofing - How & Why

Foundation Waterproofing: How & Why

Foundation Waterproofing: Steps and Advantages

In case the foundation of the house is wet, then the soil under it can lose strength. Another leading cause of foundation weakening is dampness, which creates conditions for growth of mold that is a health hazard apart from making the foundation weak. Regular concrete is not strong enough to keep out water if it has cracks as water vapor can enter quickly. Waterproofing the foundation offers a better chance at making sure that the water is removed from the foundation.

However, the process of foundation restoration takes into consideration some essential steps to accomplish it without any issues.

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Excavation refers to digging around the house. It is done to prevent any damage that might occur with the use of machines. The basement is excavated to the footing to get a proper view of the basement walls. It is the primary step taken by any foundation service provider.

Foundation Repair

The next step involves looking for any cracks in the foundation wall of your home. In case, any cracks are discovered, they should be filled with concrete or a suitable solution to cover them up completely. Besides, a coating is used, if the basement walls have a rough or uneven surface.

The Waterproofing Membrane

At this stage, a variant of the waterproofing membrane is used depending on the type of foundation wall. A waterproofing membrane is one of the cost-effective and efficient methods of securing the exterior foundation wall. This material can easily cover every inch of the foundation of your house.

The Drainage Board Membrane

After the waterproofing membrane is applied, then comes the drainage board membrane that is applied to the exterior of the waterproofing membrane. It is the first line of defense against water and keeps the first layer of membrane safe.

Drainage Board Membrane - Foundation Waterproofing: Steps and Advantages

Drainage Board Membrane (Foundation Waterproofing: Steps and Advantages)

The Weeping Tile Steps

One of the ways to keep the basement waterproofed is by having an effective drainage system in place. It can be done using the weeping tile that provides the water a direction to move. There is a variety of materials used for a weeping tile.

Backfill the Excavated Space

Backfilling is one of the crucial steps to complete the process of foundation waterproofing, as a simple pushing back of the excavated material will not help. It requires the use of a compactor to pressure down the earth in a balanced manner so as not to damage any underground gas lines or other pipelines.

Why Should You Get Foundation Waterproofing Done For Your Home?

One of the most common causes of damage in a house is due to water, as it can be caused by a simple burst pipe or rain. The foundation of the house is especially vulnerable to water as it can pass through any cracks in it. In addition, improper cooling or heating can cause the foundation to build up moisture or condensation.

Apart from keeping the foundation of your house solid inside out, foundation waterproofing offers the following benefits;

Save on Home Insurance Claims

The damage by water accounts for a majority of problems faced by the foundation of your home. In case, water passes through the foundation then the chances of the basement of your house getting flooded are high. Therefore, by hiring a foundation specialist to take care of the foundation of your home, you can save money on insurance claims.

Save on Home Insurance Claims - Foundation Waterproofing: Steps and Advantages

Save on Home Insurance Claims (Foundation Waterproofing: Steps and Advantages)

Healthy Home

The buildup of mold owing to the foundation of your home getting affected by water can lead to many health problems including allergies, and respiratory issues. Therefore, waterproofing the foundation of your house will prevent the growth of mold and keep you healthy.

Basement Protection

A majority of the house basements have concrete floors, which is vulnerable to pressure from the groundwater. Groundwater, at times, can swell up and cause the floor to crack leading to a higher risk of the basement getting flooded. Proper waterproofing can help secure the foundation as well as the basement of your home.

Less Heating and Cooling Cost

In case the air in your home is hot, then the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) system needs to work harder to keep the home cool. An efficient foundation waterproofing will help to keep the cooling and heating systems in your house under control and therefore save you money on bills.

Prevent Structural Damage

Water seepage inside your home can lead to considerable damage to the structure, including affecting joints and edge where the floors and wall meet. This damage often takes the form of foundation cracks and walls thereby threaten the solid foundation of the house. A majority of the accidents takes place without any warning but can become a cause of concern by the time the problem is discovered. Hence, with a reliable foundation waterproofing, you can secure your home’s structure.

The Sump Pump

One of the important components of foundation waterproofing is the installation of a Sump Pump. However, these might malfunction in case of a power outage, which can cause water to flood the foundation. The additional waterproofing will help to keep the foundation dry and safe from water flooding.

The Sump Pump - Foundation Waterproofing: Steps and Advantages

The Sump Pump (Foundation Waterproofing: Steps and Advantages)

Final Thoughts

Foundation waterproofing is one of the most essential elements for you to secure both the base and the rest of the structure of the house.

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