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What are the Best Clippers for Cutting Your Own Hair?

What if you are tired of paying barbers to cut your hair every month. What if you just want to cut your hair at home? Which leads you to hair clippers.

But there are many kinds of hair clippers out there. Hair clippers for professional barbers. Some trimmers can be used to shave.

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What are the Best Clippers for Cutting Your Own Hair? – Image credit: bestsixreviews.com

But what are the best clippers for cutting your own hair? We will answer that today.

Without further ado let us start. Fun fact did you know that there are DIY hair clippers in the market? Keep reading more on that later.

OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

This is one of the best sellers out there. It is loved by professionals as well as home users.

The pivot motor is an electromagnetic motor that consumes less power. It runs quietly and can run for hours. You can use it for hours and it won’t get hot even for a minute.

If you are planning to buy it to use for yourself don’t worry it has an easy learning curve. Once you get the flow of the clipper you can cut your hair with ease.

The price of this product is not that high either. It’s under 80$.

But make sure you know what you are doing. Because otherwise, you will end up shaving your all hairs (because the clipper is that good).

Wahl Elite Pro

Perfect for people that are not willing to spend too much on a hair clipper. The Wahl elite pro comes under 50$ and often goes to sale.

We don’t have to praise Wahl because everyone knows Wahl is America’s pride in the hair clipper industry.

Wahl Elite Pro is also a damn good clipper from Wahl. It was intended for beginner barbers and home uses.

It has a sturdy and durable design holding the clipper feels comfortable. It uses Wahl’s tapered blade which is 40% faster at cutting hair than regular trimmers.

The clipper also comes with 5 years warranty.

The clipper has an 8-foot power cord, you can use it anywhere in your room.

Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

It is one of the best hair clippers out there that doesn’t cost a fortune. The price of this clipper is what makes it so good.

You can purchase it for less than 25$! A Wahl hair clipper under 25$. It’s crazy even to imagine this. But it is what it is.

The hair clipper is a complete kit so for in-house use the clipper going to be great. Just like all the other

Wahl hair clippers feature self-sharpening precision blades. The maintenance of this trimmer can be a little hassle. But for the price, you can’t defeat it.

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

Remember earlier we mentioned about DIY hair clippers? This is one of them. This is a great option for people that are planning to cut their hair at home.

It’s a cordless hair clipper. The hair clipper is a full haircutting kit. You have 9 combs to choose from. Depending on your hair length you can use different combs.

The unique curved blade provides the best coverage to cut more hair at one go. At full charge, you can use the clipper for around 40min straight. And we believe you don’t need 40 minutes to cut your hair with a trimmer.

The trimmer is also lightweight and easy to carry. The price of this trimmer is also not that high. Around 55$ you can’t complain much. The most cordless clipper that comes with that many accessories costs well over 100$.

The package also includes a cleaning brush and cleaning kit. You can use the included lube to keep the blades clean after every haircut.

Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

This is for the people that want professional feelings while cutting their hair. This hair clipper has been featured on so many articles till now is absurd.

This hair clipper deserves all the praise it gets. Even many professional hair artists use this hair clipper to cut the hair of their clients.

The powerful motor can cut throw hair even if the hair is wet. You can guess now why professionals love this.

The price tag is also pretty moderate considering all the features you are getting. You can remove the antimicrobial blades after every haircut.

The machine is surprisingly quiet.

It is surprising because the power it packs is pretty high.

We have provided plenty of options for you to choose from. You can go for cheaper options or you can go all out. It depends entirely on you.

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