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7 of the Best Garage Door Materials for Your Home

Building a new home? If so, you know there’s a multitude of decisions to be made. But have you thought about your garage yet?

Surprisingly, there are quite a few garage door materials you can use for your door. Taking into account the look and finish you want, you can customize your door to match your house and suit all of your needs.

image - 7 of the Best Garage Door Materials for Your Home
7 of the Best Garage Door Materials for Your Home

If you’re unsure which is best for you, read on for our garage door comparison to help you find the perfect door.

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1. Wood

Wood is one of the most popular garage door options, as it provides a classic look, beautiful for a traditional-style home. Redwood and cedar are two of the most popular woods.

Wood usually requires a finishing treatment to protect it from heat or water damage.

It’s important to note that wood doors aren’t the best choice for insulation if this is something that impacts your choice.

2. Wood Composite

Wood composite is a great alternative to a traditional wood garage door, as they tend to be lighter in weight and more affordable.

It’s often made in part from recycled materials, which is an environmental bonus, and the material is waterproof.

To get started, contact a new garage door installer to help with the installation.

3. Steel

There are many benefits to building with steel, including its strength and resistance to damage. As steel is so strong, you can use it to safely build large structures, so it’s a good choice for oversized garage doors that are particularly wide or tall.

4. Fiberglass

What is the best garage door material? Fiberglass is often a top choice, as it is durable, traps in heat, and is resistant to corrosion and rusting.

However, fiberglass works best in warmer climates, as it can sometimes crack in cold winters.

5. Glass

For something unique and modern, why not consider a glass door? You can use it to let in lots of natural light, or frost it to give privacy.

Although more fragile than some of the other options, it’s a stylish look that will help your home stand out.

6. Vinyl

Vinyl is a top choice for garage doors as it is low maintenance and easy to clean, and also doesn’t dent easily. They also tend not to fade over time, so will keep looking their best.

As they can resist salt and sand, they are a good choice if you live near the water.

7. Aluminum

While aluminum tends to cost more than some of the other options, such as steel, it’s an overall great choice.

Aluminum doors are lightweight and not likely to rust. If laminated, they will also be dent-resistant.

Find the Best Garage Door Materials for Your Home

Now that you know the best garage door materials and the advantages of each, you can decide which type of door is best for your home.

Taking into account preference, budget, durability, and your climate, you can find a garage door that’s completely perfect for you and your home.

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