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4 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Garage Door

Because of its size, how your garage door looks can significantly affect your facade. A well-decorated garage door can breathe brand new life into your façade, making your exteriors look more appealing and unique.

Decorating your garage door can become your key to making your property stand out from the neighborhood.

image - 4 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Garage Door
4 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Garage Door

There are plenty of ways to spruce up your garage door—and most of these hacks don’t require thousands of dollars or a week’s worth of work. As long as you’re willing to exert some time and effort, you can easily upgrade your garage door and make it feel and look new.

1. Invest in a Brand-New Garage Door

Beautifying your exterior isn’t the purpose of having a garage door—providing protection and security from external factors is. Your garage door should protect your home and everything that’s in it from harsh weather conditions and criminal activities, among others.

If your garage door no longer serves its purpose, start looking for professionals in your area and invest in a new garage door.

For example, if you live in Concord, North Carolina, hire Queen City Garage Doors – Concord and other contractors to replace your old garage door with a brand new one. This is a smart investment as a newer garage door means better security, reduced utility costs, better performance, and improved curb appeal.

Installing a new garage door also allows you to pick a new material. Depending on your preferences, you can pick a garage door made from wood, steel, aluminum, or vinyl. Fiberglass is also a great option as it doesn’t trust easily.

2. Add Decorative Details

Who says flowers should only be in your front and backyard? Click here to know how you can spice up your garage door using flowers and make the area look like an extension of your garden.

You can add flowers to your garage door in different ways. For starters, you can invest in hanging plants, such as Grape Ivy and Boston Nest Fern, and place them on each side of your garage door. You can also place plants on the ground by using decorative pots and planters.

Adding plants around your garage door will add texture and visual design to the area. Plants will also soften the overall appeal of your garage door and significantly improve your curb appeal.

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3. Paint A Mural

If you want your garage door to be different from everyone else’s, show off your artistic side by painting a mural. If you have the skills and tools for the job, opt to paint the mural by yourself. Or you can also hire professional painters who can transform your garage door into a work of art.

You’ll have unlimited options to choose from when choosing a design for your mural. You can showcase your favorite quote on your garage door or paint it with a 3D design to bring visual interest to your exterior.

If you have the resources to change the mural on your garage door, consider painting a seasonal design.

4. Apply A Fresh Coat of Paint

image - Apply A Fresh Coat of Paint
Apply A Fresh Coat of Paint

You don’t need to spend tons of money to change how your garage door looks. Often, applying a fresh coat of paint is enough. Paint is a powerful tool that can change the appeal of your garage door and the mood of the people who will glance at it.

Consider these tips when picking a color for your garage door:

  • Think about the color of your home: Ideally, the color of your garage door should complement the color of your home’s exterior. For example, if your home is in white, opt to paint your garage door in white, as well. If your home is painted in neutrals, dark gray or brown are two of your best options for your garage door.
  • Consider the mood the color creates: Different colors affect a person’s mood differently, so take the time to learn about color psychology when picking a color for your garage door. If you want your garage door to create a relaxing ambiance, pick relaxed colors, such as green, blue, and grey. If you want to create a more cheerful ambiance through your garage door, pick yellow.

Work on your Garage door ASAP

So, what are you waiting for? Free up your weekend, grab some tools, and start working on your garage door. Follow one or two of the tips presented in this article, and soon you can impress guests and every passerby with your newly decorated garage door!

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