Do you have a friend that no matter what time of day you stop by to visit them, their house always seems to be immaculately clean?

Do you wish you could keep your house looking this clean, but feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to keep up with a rigid cleaning schedule?

image - 10 Best Housekeeping Tips to Keep Your Home Looking Good

10 Best Housekeeping Tips to Keep Your Home Looking Good

Well, we’ve got good news for you. Keeping your house looking and feeling clean doesn’t mean you need to spend hours each weekend scrubbing the floors.

There are some basic housekeeping tips and tricks you can follow to keep your home looking good at all hours of the day.

What are these tricks? Check out this guide to discover the top housekeeping tips to keep your home looking good.

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1. Make Your Bed

Making your bed at the beginning of the day is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to setting yourself up for success.

But, this trick isn’t just great for those who want to lead a successful life, it’s also great for those who want to keep a clean and tidy looking home!

A made-up bed makes a big difference when it comes to the overall tidiness of your room. Plus, there’s no better feeling than climbing into a made bed at the end of a long day.

To make the bed-making process easier, we suggest simplifying your bedding as much as possible. Cut out the top sheets and just use a duvet and washable cover.

If you can’t stand parting ways with your top sheets, then try to minimize the number of pillows on your bed.

Or, use a duvet cover or comforter that’s large enough that you don’t need to tuck in your sheets.

2. Empty the Dishwasher Every Morning

Dishes piling up in the sink, on counters, or in various spots throughout your home can make your place look way messier than it actually is.

To prevent dirty dishes from taking over your home, we suggest emptying your dishwasher every morning. While it can sometimes feel like a huge task, emptying a dishwasher really only takes five minutes.

You can do it while you’re brewing your morning coffee or while you’re waiting for your kids to get ready for school.

3. Always Clean Up After You Cook

Cooking can be a great way to bond with your partner, improve your diet, and save money. But, cooking can also lead to a huge mess in the kitchen.

Not to mention, dirty countertops make the whole kitchen look like a mess and they can attract household pests. This is why we suggest doing a quick clean up every time after you cook.

This doesn’t mean you need to scrub down your oven or clean out your microwave. But, you should wipe down the counters, put the dirty dishes away, and store all of the ingredients you used after cooking.

4. Do a Load of Laundry Each Day

Many households wait until the weekend to take care of all the laundry.

If you’re living alone or with just one other person, then doing laundry every day probably isn’t necessary.

However, if you’re going through 7 or more loads of laundry per week, we recommend doing it on a daily basis instead of waiting for the weekend.

Get in the habit of popping in a load of laundry each morning. If you work outside the home and won’t have a chance to switch out your laundry before you leave, then we suggest putting your machine on delay so you can switch it out when you get home.

5. Use Doormats

The less soil and debris you track indoors, the less often you’ll need to clean your floors.

By placing doormats at the exterior of your door, you’ll keep soil and debris out of your home. You should also shake out or vacuum your doormats every few days.

6. Wipe Down Sinks and Faucets

Hair, toothpaste splatters, soap scum, and other messes can make your bathrooms look nasty.

This is why we suggest keeping a container of disinfecting wipes under the sinks in all of your bathrooms. After you’re done getting ready for the day, grab a disinfecting wipe and give your sink a quick once-over.

This simple task will make a world of a difference when it comes to keeping your bathroom looking tidy.

7. Wipe Down Your Windows

Windows are another area of your home that can easily become dirty. And when they are dirty, they can make your whole house look messier.

This is why we suggest keeping window spray handy and giving your windows a quick clean every few days.

You may also want to hire a professional window cleaning company like Clear Choice Window Cleaning LLC to help you clean your windows.

8. Sort and Recycle Paper Right Away

Every day, mail, catalogs, bills, store flyers, and school papers arrive. Setting them aside to deal with at a later point can quickly lead to huge piles of paper on your kitchen counter or dining room table.

To combat papers from piling up, we suggest going through your mail on a daily basis. It’s also a good idea to have a shredder handy so you can deal with junk mail on the spot.

Place bills you need to pay in a sorter, and then toss flyers and other marketing mail materials on your recycling bin.

9. Clean-Up as You Go

Cleaning up as you go is one of the easiest ways to make sure your home doesn’t get out of control messy.

After an evening of movies and snacks, straighten out the pillows and throw blankets on your sofa.

Bring bowls and cups back to the kitchen and rinse them out and place them in the dishwasher instead of letting them pile up in the sink.

And, make sure all of your family members are doing the same thing!

10. Create a Household Cleaning Schedule

Last but not least, don’t forget that keeping your home tidy is a team effort!

Getting your kids involved in the cleaning won’t just take some of the workloads off of you, but it’ll also teach them about responsibility.

Plus, when kids know they’re responsible for cleaning, they’ll be less likely to make a mess in the first place.

Are You Ready to Try These Housekeeping Tips?

Now that you’ve read this guide, it’s time to put these housekeeping tips into action. Before you know it, you’ll be the friend with the immaculate house that everyone is jealous of!

Be sure to check back in with our blog for more housekeeping tips and tricks.