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Painting Ideas: A List of the Best Exterior Home Colors

Painting Ideas – A list of the best exterior house painting ideas is based on the recommendations of contractors and homeowners who posted their reviews and comments about exterior house paints they have used. Let’s find out about the top three painting ideas in Consumer Reports’ list Best Exterior House Paint / house color schemes.

Painting ideas - Exterior Home Colors

Best Exterior House Painting ideas – Exterior Home Colors

Painting Ideas – What Makes an Exterior House Paint the Best?

An exterior house painting ideas can be considered as the best if it is highly efficient in hiding, has fast acting color retention, and has high resistance against chalking and blistering. Hiding ability or hiding power, is the paint’s efficiency in concealing whatever surface it is applied on. The United States is a country with various regions. The weather can vary in each region; hence, the exterior house painting ideas that has the ability to meet the demands of every region in terms of ability to withstand all types of weather without fading, chalking, or blistering earns inclusion in a list best exterior house painting ideas.

Sherwin Williams Duration

This exterior house paint has been consistently at the top of the list of the best exterior house paints since 2006. It has been most professional contractors’ choice of exterior house paint for the very essence the name Duration denotes. Sherwin Williams’ Duration paint is guaranteed to last your home’s lifetime. The current estimated cost of $50 per gallon seems justifiable. The attributes of this painting ideas make up for its high price, since they eliminate other costs and processes required in the process of applying ordinary exterior paints.

Sherwin William’s Duration Acrylic-Latex Coating comes highly recommended by professional contractors to homeowners because of its one-coat performance. Ordinarily, basecoat would need two applications of coating to ensure adherence and duration, but a single coating of this paint will suffice. In addition, professional contractors also cite the paint’s ability to cover old paint layers effectively. Not only does a homeowner save on paint quantity requirement, but also on costs of stripping and removing the old paint color to be replaced. In addition, this painting ideas is said to be self priming, thereby lessening the cost and time it takes to prepare the area that needs to be painted or re-painted.

However, do-it-yourself painters are advised to do some test painting exercises first since Duration tends to be a bit thicker than the ordinary exterior paints.

Sherwin Williams SuperPaint – Painting ideas

SuperPaint’s estimated cost is $42 per gallon, and it comes in second in a list of the best exterior house paints. It used to be at the top of the list until the arrival of Sherwin William’s Duration paint. SuperPaint’s customer base can be found among the do-it-yourself painters, since the paint costs a bit less than the Duration. It is easier to manage because its consistency is not as thick as that of Duration. Although it has the attribute of one-coat performance, users of this painting ideas say that for homes located in harsher climates, Super Paints may need another layer of coating to be effective.

This painting ideas is quite versatile, as it can be used on wood and aluminum sidings, plywood, metals, and masonry without any tendencies for warping. It has high resistance to peeling, fading, and chalking due to its advanced acrylic resin that gives it the superior adhesion ability. In spite of these advancements, it has low volatile organic compounds. However, the warranty for its long lasting duration is only for 25 years.

Valspar Ultra Premium

This painting ideas is the third in a list of the best exterior house paints for its quality at the best value. It has a lifetime warranty for paint endurance at an estimated cost of $13. 98 per gallon. However, its attributes fall short of being a choice recommendation among professional contractors. Accordingly, Valspar Ultra Premium is said to be labor cost intensive, which means the areas to be painted has to go through meticulous stripping, scraping, and paint cleaning processes before the exterior house painting ideas could be applied. Nevertheless, independent testing of some previously applied exterior house paints shows that this painting ideas could last for as long as nine years before any repainting will be required.

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