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Best Practices to Acquire Talent via Social Media

Social media has drastically evolved over the years and so has the number of people using social media. These Digital 2020 trends show that over 3.4 billion people are using social media today.

This allows many brands, businesses, and individuals to interact and communicate with customers in real-time and find passionate people to work for them who show interest in their industry.

image - Best Practices to Acquire Talent via Social Media
Best Practices to Acquire Talent via Social Media

LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, are some of the social media platforms that allow recruiters to connect with potential talent.

Here are some of the best practices you should adopt to acquire talent via social media:

Build the Reputation of Your Company

There is always competition amongst different organizations and brands to be on the top and in the midst of this competition you need a great online presence to stay a step ahead at all times.

In your quest to acquire suitable talent via social media you need to maintain the reputation of your company and make the people coming across your page want to work for you.

Highlight the best traits of your organization at all times and every update or post you make should reflect your company in the best light. People should be intrigued by your posts so every piece of content you put out should be helpful for the viewers.

In simple words, you need to make your company page interesting and engaging to attract attention. This is the only organic way for your company to gain popularity.

Be consistently active on social media and maintain a track that upholds the ethics and values of your company.

Maintain an Active Profile

With social media being flooded with content every minute, the posts you put up today will be ancient history in no time.

Now, you cannot post every minute to keep up as overposting can be annoying and is more often counterproductive. There are however other ways to stay active on social media platforms without having to post continuously.

Like, comment, and share content of people that you find interesting. Additionally, participate in professional activities and discussions on reputed pages or groups.

This can make your presence be known to people. Get involved in discussions on social media pages that relate to professional and informative topics relevant to you.

You can post quality content that relates to your company or brand for people to notice and in case of any likely comment or queries, be spontaneous and reply to them.

Connect with Potential Candidates

Publishing frequent posts is not enough to get the attention of potential candidates. You need to directly message them or connect with them to communicate your interest in their professional interests.

In case you find a potential candidate, reach out to them by directly sending a message.

Being the most preferred professional social media channel, LinkedIn deserves your attention if you are hoping to streamline your recruiting efforts via social media. It is important that you first optimize your LinkedIn profile before reaching out to potential candidates.

If you are using LinkedIn and find that you are not directly connected to these potential candidates, you can try to connect with them through InMail. This service is available to the premium users only.

InMail lets you message people that are not in your immediate network. Statistics show that InMail has a 300% higher response rate than emails sent with the same content. So, it would be a wise policy to connect with extremely promising candidates via LinkedIn InMail.

While connecting with them, be specific and brief. Let them know the reason why you are messaging them and give a brief detail of your company or brand. Give them an insight into what your brand or company does and how it can help them achieve their professional goals.

Social media is a window to an individual’s private as well as professional life so as a responsible employer or a recruiter, focus on their professional traits only.

Anyone can fake their identity or exaggerate about themselves online, so you need to watch out for such profiles. Make sure that you do not make judgments or reach out before doing proper research.

Use Effective Hashtags

A hashtag can help bring attention from the people that you are targeting while organizing and promoting your company or brand.

If used effectively, it can increase your visibility and engagement with the audience. Hashtags are also great for research purposes as it can lead you to relevant pages or individuals with the help of specific hashtags.

Create relevant hashtags to go with the content that you post on your social media page or pages. All you have to do is add a # right before your relevant word, phrase, or sentence.

Try to be creative with your hashtags and stick to originality because social media is a vast platform and your average hashtags may get lost in a sea of content using the same tired hashtags.

It is however easier said than done but try to create and use relevant hashtags to help enhance your presence as well as your search for potential talent.


In this day and age, social media can prove to be a giant resource for acquiring talent due to its vast influence all over the globe.

You should also be taking advantage of this opportunity so make sure to utilize the best features made available by various social media platforms that you feel are suitable for streamlining your company or brand’s recruitment efforts.