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8 Best Real Estate Apps in 2021

Are you ready to sell your home but aren’t sure where to turn for help? The modern method of exploring or participating in the real estate marketplace is via web applications.

These apps help make your real estate experience more efficient and seamless, using clicks to speed up the home buying or selling process.

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8 Best Real Estate Apps in 2021

The best real estate apps connect with a real-time cloud database, which allows users to explore a wide range of data on home prices, descriptions, deeper details and visuals.

The most popular real estate website is Zillow.com, which was founded in 2006. It became widely known three years later after partnering with over 180 U.S. news publications for use of its real estate search engine.

Zillow and Yahoo! Real Estate entered a partnership in 2011 to create the largest online advertising network for real estate buyers and sellers.

While there are already several high-quality real estate apps to choose from, a local real estate firm can gain a competitive edge by developing its own niche app.

Ideally, the app directly connects buyers and sellers. The tech stack of AirBnB can be used as a model for other businesses, such as real estate firms that want to create their own apps.

At the top of the list are programming languages Ruby and Javascript, using a Ruby on Rails framework, which helps speed up app development.

You will also need a web server, data storage, cloud hosting and services, a cloud database, and big data tools.

Best Real Estate Apps for 2021


For the past decade, Zillow has been a very popular custom real estate app, as it connects users with data on over 110 million homes around the world.

It’s a highly useful tool for not only home buyers and sellers, but also renters looking for roommates.

Aside from providing tools that allow you to customize your searches of homes, Zillow has moved deeper into real estate by becoming a buyer and seller of homes.

The company acts as a go-between for buyers and sellers, making it easy for them to buy or sell properties either quickly or on their own timeline.

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This app allows you to search for rental space in a specific neighbourhood by touching a button. You’ll see when a listing was last updated, along with other details about the property, including noise level assessments.

Clicking the “Contact Agent” button connects you with a professional who has paid for the link. Realtor.com is a subsidiary of News Corporation.


This app gives you estimates of home values and informative data on neighbourhoods, schools and shopping.

The tools let you set parameters for the market you’re trying to reach. The app sends alerts to your smartphone when it finds a market that reflects your parameters.

It further equips you with calculators, crime maps, pre-qualified financing and finger-touch geographic search capability.


Designed for entrepreneurs and commercial real estate investors, this app is similar to Zillow but emphasizes the marketplace of large commercial properties.

It’s an excellent source for finding multi-unit properties that are otherwise difficult to discover or review online. You can use this tool to invest in apartment complexes and shopping malls.

Xome Auctions

This relatively new app is great for auctions since it’s one of the largest online databases for properties available through auctions.

One of the many great advantages of this app is it gives you access to properties for sale prior to being put up for auction.

The app alerts you when a party makes a competitive bid and facilitates e-signing.


Homebuyers may find this app useful because it allows for customized searches using a map for drawing a radius to focus on homes in a specific area.

The constantly updated data is driven by realtor listings. Redfin gives home buyers a percentage of the commission it earns from the seller.

The app also allows you to calculate your mortgage, property tax and insurance.


This app is useful for renters, as it’s home to the largest database of available rental property offers.

Apartments.com has been around since 1992 and was acquired by the CoStar Group in 2014. The database includes information on houses and townhouses as well as studios and condos.

A major advantage to this app is it allows you to apply online for physical rental space. You can use various filters for finding properties based on your specific criteria, such as whether or not the landlord allows pets.

Photos and videos of properties help reduce the need to travel and visit physical homes.

Bigger Pockets

Students and researchers of real estate can utilize this app to gain a deeper knowledge of the industry.

It gives you access to various free resources that can enhance your search and investment experience.

The app further connects you with insights on how to get a return on investment for purchasing, fixing up and selling a property. This resource is useful for helping you develop into a successful real estate investor.


These real estate apps can give you a competitive edge in buying or selling a home or commercial building.

They can also give you access to valuable real estate information in your neighbourhood and beyond.

Using the right real estate tools strategically can maximize buying and selling opportunities.

Zillow tops the list because of its popularity in the real estate community and the company’s business model of buying homes then fixing them up to sell for profit.

This new revolutionary model gives home sellers an easy option if they are forced to liquidate the home due to a job offer in another city.

It’s also a useful option for people who just want to move somewhere else and are willing to take what Zillow offers.

Web apps are highly useful for anyone participating in or seeking to learn the real estate marketplace.

They allow you to learn the market at your convenience from any location using your desktop or mobile device. Consider using real estate apps that best fit your specific needs.

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