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Flaunt a Stylish Home With These 10 Home Decorating Apps

When you plan to renovate, it is never completely clear what your apartment will look like in the end.

I always want to imagine, see literally with my own eyes how this or that color of the walls in your room will look, whether a classic-style armchair is suitable here or it is better to choose another.

These questions are essential for us when planning a renovation because it will be expensive to remodel it or buy new furniture.

image - Flaunt a Stylish Home With These 10 Home Decorating Apps
Flaunt a Stylish Home With These 10 Home Decorating Apps

It’s great that today we have smartphone applications at our disposal that help to visually understand how this or that decorative element will look in your space.

Whether it is a home or office, an apartment, or a children’s room – all you need to do is take out your smartphone and select the desired application. That said, you often don’t even have to pay for it – many stylish home apps are free or inexpensive.

Such applications are convenient because you do not have to think about how the design looks but simply compose it as it should be through the application.

Moreover, interior decoration applications can directly influence sales from different distribution channels.

For example, Statista data says that 69 percent of Millennial consumers in the United States stated that they had made home furnishings purchases from Amazon using their mobile app.

Now we look at some of the apps that will come in handy when styling your home or apartment.


It is a free application that still contains full functionality for creating 3D designs. Thanks to SketchUp, you can visualize the interior and furnish it the way you plan to during the renovation.

With this, you can create any interior style, from classic to Scandinavian. However, there are enough tools to improvise and combine techniques.


Another free application lets you furnish your intended interior with new items and purchase those interior items and furniture you have looked after through the store.

The company will handle payment, shipping, and returns for most sales. The listing is free of charge, and the seller reserves 80 percent of the final sale amount.

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It is an unusual design app for renovation inspiration on social media like Pinterest and Instagram.

This app allows you to take screenshots of messages that include LikeToKnowIt and get a detailed list of links to those products.

Forbes notes that this approach can save you a lot of search time and help you discover the products and brands your favorite influencers are posting about.

Roomstyler 3D

It is an easy-to-use application that even a user unfamiliar with architecture and design can use. It has an intuitive interface and a good overview of your interior.

With Roomstyler 3D, you can watch a tutorial video and get tips on playing around with your design.

If your interior has unusual elements that you don’t know how to shoot or play with, you can turn to outside sources for ideas.


This application is suitable for both iOS owners and Androids. What’s unique about Hutch is that it integrates the rendering and shopping worlds, effectively equipping rooms with user-uploaded photos and allowing them to shop directly.


Another excellent free application for your smartphone converts photos of your premises into a concrete floor plan and exact dimensions.

If you plug in the minimum fee option in this app, you can export to PDF or JPG formats to share with contractors, designers, or real estate agents.


This application will appeal to those who have already picked up interior items for their home and want to understand how to arrange them. Here you can visualize how the new furniture will look in space.

Roomy can convert 2D photographs to 3D renderings. In this way, Roomy allows homeowners and designers to see the various configurations of art and furniture in the right place and leaves direct links to retailers if you need that particular item.

Artfully Walls Try on Wall

If you plan to hang paintings in your house, it will not hurt to understand in advance where and in what place it is better to turn art objects.

The Try-on Wall application is ideal for solving such problems, which works with

the online store Artfully Walls. It uses augmented reality to preview the artwork you plan to hang on your walls.

Room Planner by Ikea

For those who are delighted with the Swedish brand Ikea and love the Scandinavian style in the interior, the Room Planner by Ikea app is perfect.

Will Billy’s bookcase look better in the living room or office? There is now an easy way to see.

The beloved Swedish furniture supplier has unveiled an augmented reality app that allows users to “try on” furniture without having to navigate the store’s labyrinthine aisles.

House pad

House pad is an application that stores notes and visual instructions for home care.

Conveniently, you can share these notes with your family or staff. Decorators can use the to-the-trade component to catalog home furnishings.


Thanks to the application for smartphones that can show you how the interior of your room will really look like, each of us can try ourselves as a designer.

You can even save on a decorator or rendering services for your design project with modern room design apps. Just choose the one you like the most from our list and feel free to experiment.

Today, it is clear that the mobile and web application market affects most of the areas used by people worldwide.

Many companies order mobile application development services to develop their unique design applications. After all, this is beneficial both for the application’s creators, furniture stores, and ordinary users.

Thanks to these technologies, interior design becomes easier and more enjoyable to manage, even if you do not have the skills of a designer or architect.

At the same time, such apps can save you repair costs and keep you away from unnecessary or inappropriate purchases. All that remains is to click on the application icon on your smartphone and go on a fantastic journey called Interior Design.

Author Bio:

Anastasiia Lastovetska is a technology writer at MLSDev, a software development company that builds web & mobile app solutions from scratch. She researches the area of technology to create great content about app development, UX/UI design, tech & business consulting.

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